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Hi which 2 U.S. elite has the highest dropout & tough training? SEALS or Green Berets ?
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Hi which 2 U.S. elite has the highest dropout & tough training? SEALS or Green Berets ?


2009-01-14 01:39:04 +0000
no one knows for the green beret, they keep everything very secret, you dont even know when one of your buddies gets accepted into the training, but if someone just stops reporting you assume they got accepted into it.

so basically there is no way to compare them because no one on here has the info needed

2009-01-14 03:51:59 +0000
You cannot compare them,

Seals are taking people right out of basic training

They spend half the time, just getting them into proper physical condition.

Special Forces takes experienced soldiers, who are already in great physical condition and then gives them advanced training.

Any spec op unit that takes people right out of basic,

IE: Seals,, AF CCT or PJ's, Rangers.

Has a higher failure rate, simply because so many of the servicemen right out of basic are not in great physical condition and cannot hack the training

2009-01-14 01:34:57 +0000
SEALs. Green Berets might have more people drop out but percentage-wise its the SEALs.

2009-01-14 01:37:38 +0000
The Navy SEALs. Interesting though is the fact that the service that has the highest failure and dropout rate for trainees is the Coast Guard. People think they are easy because you don't hear about them but the training is tough and their suicide rate is very high compared to the other services.

2009-01-14 01:41:05 +0000
Don't really know, but what about para rescue from the Air Force, they incorporate land, air and water borne training into their training where the Seals are more water oriented and the Green Berets are more land oriented.

Regardless they are all above and beyond what is expected of any person in the military which is only 3% of the general public.

2009-01-14 02:04:37 +0000
Yeah Air Force Pararescue's have a higher drop out rate.

Air force PJ's are the ****. FTW

2009-01-15 10:19:19 +0000
Navy Seals.

2009-01-14 01:52:31 +0000
Air Force PJ's have a higher drop out rate then both of them

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