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How long are "MRE's" good for?
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How long are "MRE's" good for?

I have 2 boxes of "Meals Ready-To-Eat's... the boxes have "DATE PKD/LOT: 1306" and "INSP/TEST: 11/04 0442"

So I'm thinking that they were supposed to be reinspected in November '04, correct? If thats true, how long can that date be extended after a proper "inspection"?


defiantly if stored in a cool dry place!

Stand-up Philosopher
they are good for several years

nicholas b

When i was a kid my dad somehow aquired a whole box of MREs that we used to take camping. It seems we ate on those for about 4 years or more. But seriously, can they taste worse?

tom l
Don't know about MREs, way after my time.
But I was once served a meal of "K"rations dated 1943 at Ft Hood Texas that I swear was 50% pine sawdust mixed with 50% cascara sawdust.
For those that don't know what cascara is,,,,,, think Ex-lax



MRE's actually expire? Wow, ...you learn something new every day! :o)

a long freakin time. I've hear that they're good for 20 years. My favorite part of MREs is getting the candy with expired contests.

Black Sabbath
Minimum of 3.5 years stored at 80 degrees fahrenheit.

Sounds like its time for them to be tested ..for freshness etc?

I think that MRE's are good at least 5 years, and maybe indefinately, judging by the way they are packaged.

General P.
Indefinitely, and with the proper amount of salt, they can be very tasty.

nahhhh... the tiny tabasco bottles are the best...or how bout the heaters that heat the food just to luke warm. They are rated for 5 years. They can be kept up to ten in 60F. However, they never really go "bad". They'll just taste more stale than they already do.

my brother and i used to eat our dads old ones from when he was in the army, I have no idea how old they were, but to us they were a treat...very weird now if i think about it, how gross.

Jim T
That depends on the storage of the MRE's. Those stored in lower temperatures generally have a longer shelf life than those stored in warmer temps. For instance, those stored at 85 degrees are generally good for five years, those stored at 60 degrees are good for more than ten years.

By the way, after serving for 15 years in the Army, I can say without a doubt that MRE's can be made to taste good if they are properly prepared.

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