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How much money should soldiers get in compensation for injury?
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How much money should soldiers get in compensation for injury?

The Birmingham mail has put it that civilians being hurt in Iraq do get more compensation money that soldiers who get shot or injured while on duty. So far as the Birmingham Mail is concerned, this is the wrong policy to follow as our soldiers as paying in blood for, supposedly, that social freedom we actually benefit from, but I think they are missing on a critical mater here, for soldiers usually make decisions on whether they want to go to war or not whereas civilians will suffer it (whether they like it or not). Is it not very racist to claim soldiers should get more money on the basis they risk their lives? What about the civilians they shoot at?
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Mac160: Sorry you got hurt buddy. I think you should get compensation, but this is not what I am going on about. As someone who's got hurt while on duty, you should actually be able to get some compensation money. Now what? Let us say you are now a civilian and that a foreing power takes over your country. One day you decide to go down to your friend's but you get shot and never make it. As a soldier, you can decide whether you sign up or not, but as a civilian you can only suffer what others push down on you. I now you guys take up orders, but conscription is something of the past is it not?


Not enough to make a life changing difference. And yes the "civilians" do get better compensation than our lads.
We should pull all our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan and let the Mad Mullahs kill each other in the name of Allah
(may peace be upon him)

MAC 1960- You were mature enough to sign up, be mature enough to accept the outcome and leave the civilians alone. If we were fighting a THREAT to our country, I would support the last wars (and don't give me your gung-ho **** about 911), but our moron leaders don't know what the hell their doing. Some, not all, soldiers act like they are our salvation, like YOU deserve all the credit.I appreciate the military and their sacrifices, but don't act like YOU are the superior for it.

Elvis4ever is right!

Christine B
Mac1960 is absolutely right. Some of the money our country ' gives 'to other countries should be given to them. They deserve anything they need and more. What they get is a shame. They willingly risk their lives, that is true. But can't we at least have their backs for doing so? Without their contributions America would not exist.

I think the term "Racist" is wrong. But I see your point.
But what about soldiers who were sent into an illegal war and as a result were wounded.?
Just a question, But maybe you support this war? I don't know.

I joined the army and i knew exactly what i was getting into and what the job entailed.If a soldier is hurt as i was i at least expect to get the care and treatment that is needed for as long as it takes.The army could not get rid of me fast enough and the National Health Service did not have the experience and facilities for treatment for mind and body.
As for compensation if a civilian lady who works for the M.O.D. hurts her thumb on a type writer and gets £400,000 compo and a soldier who is blown to bits and will be disabled for the rest of his life gets £157,000 pounds there is something wrong big-time.Do you not think the soldier deserves more or because he knew what he was signing up for that he should not get anything to help him.Military people are very proud and do not like asking for anything,they like to do things themselves.
As Mac1960 says the veterans are pissed of at the civilians and government in the U.S., well the veterans in the U.K. are pissed of as well at our civilians and government.I am fed up to the back teeth with civvies getting at me why we are in Iraq and Afghanistan ask the government not me.
I am not in support of war in Iraq or Afghanistan,i only done my duty.
British Veteran with a very small war pension and proud of my brothers and sisters at arms.

Unless they were injured due to some fault of the army I don't see why soldiers should get any compensation. On the other hand I do think they should get far better after care than they currently get.

"Is it not very racist to claim soldiers should get more money on the basis they risk their lives?" Sorry to open with a quote from yourself but I fail to see how this is racist as the British Army is made up of people from many different ethnic and religious backgrounds?

Which war are you talking about the "War on Terror" or just the localised parts in Iraq and Afghanistan? The Birmingham mail may talk all they want about "civilians" that are shot by our soldiers, they are not the person behind the rifle. Having served a tour of duty in Iraq I can assure you that your soldiers have very definite rules of engagement, which they train in before deployment. This is more than what the taliban, the Jyaish Al Mhedi or indeed Al Quaida offer our soldiers, and the local populace. Also let us not forget the atrocity that was 7/7 in London, what does the Birmingham Mail think about that? Yes soldiers risk their lives, yes they volunteer for our forces, and we go to all the unpleasant places that the people that OUR public vote for.

I think that it is deplorable that the Birmingham Mail is comparing the two, perhaps it is pandering to the ethnic readership of the area? Who knows?

Woody Woodburn
Politicians start the wars and those serving in the military at any given time end up fighting them. Some are lucky enough to come home in one piece both mentally and physically. Others not so lucky and have all types of wounds, illnesses both mental and physical. Then there are those that give their lives and come home in a box, never to live out their lives or dreams making the ultimate sacrifice. How much compensation should be given depends on how a nation views its military personnel and just where its ranks its importance. Veterans compensation should be equal to civilian compensation rates,. At this time it is about one third for a 100 % Disabled Veteran compared to a civilian given 100% disability from the civilian workforce. The solution: make a 4 year mandatory for all citizens, no deferments under any conditions, all serve in some capacity. Should this happen Veteran rates would be made equal to civilian rates as the tragedies endured would be equally shared by all families, in all walks of life, rich & poor, thus all would know and demand fair compensation for all! U.S. Veterans get short-changed when it comes to compensation and the amount paid! Like former Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told his troops when they were being blown to pieces in unarmored HumVee's in Iraq, "Hey, you go to war with what you have, not what you wish you had...war is hell and some of you will die, that's life!" Course Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld was on his way back to the "White House" safe and sound shortly after telling the American troops! Troops did not get the armored HumVee's until one year later after hundreds more U.S. troops were killed and thousands of more troops were wounded! No one ever enlisted knowing such treachery & trickery would be thrust upon them by the same leadership that sent them into harm's way. What took place with our military in Iraq, in large part to this nations leadership is a National Shame. Not since Vietnam, has America's leadership turned its back on its troops. Only difference is during Vietnam so did a great many of the American people. The American people support the troops for the most part, although they do not support the war in Iraq. In both cases, the American soldier ends up getting the worst of what is given as their life and time pass on! There is more to supporting troops than waving flags at parades.....and unfortunately it is not currently being done at this time and many veterans directly suffer as a result. President elect, Barack Obama has promised to address these ills and God willing, they get the help and compensation they have earned!

Awkward question.

Maybe, there should be an agreement set up whereby the soldier signs it on joining up.

Don't forget, our forces are all volunteers - which means that nobody actually forces them to go to war. IF, they come back without a scratch then they are heroes in most cases anyway and it all works out very nicely. If they come back shot up to facckk - they are still heroes to you and me yet are treated very badly by a pi$$ poor health service and a jo public that doesn't give 2 sh1ts.

How much compo, I think that you have to judge each case on it's own merits.

I am not sure that they should get compensation, other than a decent war pension to live comfortably if they are unable to work due to injuries. A decent war pension currently does not exist, which frankly is a disgrace.

Compensation though?, I don't think so - they knew what they were signing up for, and if they didn't, then the military should be making sure that they show prospective candidates very graphic videos of very nasty war injuries first so that they can be in no doubt of what they are signing up for.

Since when does the average soldier make ANY decision about going to war? What reality do you live in?

That determination is made by POLITICIANS!

I am one of those soldiers. People like you don't have a clue and live in your little insular world without a care. Put your A** on the line and see how you feel about it afterwords....if you survive. Or is it that you just want to complain and don't have the GUTS to face something like war?

And soldiers should get more compensation than what they do for loss of life and limb. You ask us to give, then refuse to give anything back. And then wonder why so many Veterans are pissed off at civilians and the government in general. We pay the price, NOT YOU!!!!!!

EDIT - I wasn't conscripted - I volunteered. So does this mean according to you I should lose the compensation I receive?

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