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How should I choose between the army, navy, air force, coast guard and marines in joining the US military?
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How should I choose between the army, navy, air force, coast guard and marines in joining the US military?

Since I'm a BS Nursing graduate, I think I will be assigned to the Nurse Corps. I want to join the US military but I'm not sure which branch I should enter.


Talk to the recruiters. Since you have a BS, you are eligible for OSC.

Air Force has the best quality of life. Less likely to get put in dangerous situations, more like a normal job.

WOW! With your background, you can take your pick. You have some thinking to do.

All I can say is, start looking over armed forces websites,

A suggestion: if you get seasck easily, then the navy is out.

I love being a Marine so I tell everyone who asks your question the same answer Join the Corp. However, you have degree and if Nursing is what you really want to stick with than you need to join the navy and be a corpsman, "doc" as we call them. You should go greenside, which means you will work with Marines and not just navy, and try to get to a Recon Unit. This way you will get to shoot bad guys, blow **** up, be a general bad *** and patch up good guys.

And to all the communist, slack jawed, mouth breathing, fat butt, clowns with no balls, who said you shouldn't join.....just because you are too weak and pathetic to pick up a weapon and protect your family and freedoms you love soooooo much, don't stop this good American citizen from doing a good thing.

Dan s
I wouldn't listen to all of these democratic morons that are attempting to answer this question. They seem to forget that the men and women who are losing their lives in this war would just as soon fight in these people's back yards if they needed to. I think it is very honorable to serve in the military whether you agree with this conflict or not. I think it would be a great choice to join the Marines. They Marine Corps is bar none the most respectable branch of the military. Marines are running towards the gunshots and explosions while everyone is running away. I think as a nurse you would be most useful in the Marines because they are the ones that are in the heart of every major conflict. The Marines will suffer the most injuries and casualties and as a nurse, your training would allow the Marines to do their jobs much better.

Terry Z
Each branch has its pluses and minuses, it all depends on how much time and dedication you wish to expend. After reading all you can about the different branches, make a decision. Go with your "Gut feeling", its never wrong for me.

Talk to a recruiter from each branch. Then and or before you talk to the recruiters research each branch for yourself. Each branch has something different to offer. After doing all that weigh your options and decide for yourself. It also could be helpful to talk to people in each different branch who has the job you would have and see what they have to tell you about that job in that particular branch of the military.

I have heard that the Air Force does have better quality of life, and you will be least likely to be sent away. But they are also the least forgiving if you have anything unfavorable in your background. 2nd would be the Navy, you would probably spend a lot of time on shore at Naval hospitals. However, given your degree, look at all branches, and let them know you are looking at other branches and see who seems the most realistic and true to thier word. Remember, thier job is to paint the best picture, but they might not deliver when you sign your contract. Also, push for your student loans to get pd, their are programs out there.
Another thing to consider, why do you want to join? Do you want to see action? Do you want to go career? Do want to serve? If you want to go over to Iraq to help, then maybe Army or Marines is for you.

Unfrozen Caveman
sorry partner you dont have a choice now, they will only recruit into the marines and army at the moment... gotta fill those poor dead soldiers shoes somehow

Though I dont know u hate to sound sarcastic but i'm so glad we had this time togther.Good luck in whichever u choose

7 Words You Can't Say On T.V
I gave you a thumbs up because of your comment, thats all. Bye!

Join the Coast Guard like me- and become an Officer with your degree. you can be an HS and the Coast Guard is Homeland Security...so you dont have to worry about wars are being deployed over seas! Plus, you recieve all the same pay in all the services, might as well pick the safest one-or you can be a solider on the front line?

Don't chose any of them.

Might i suggest staying the hell out of the military?

Now i wait for the false outrage.

"I'm going to give this guy a thumbs down, that will show him."

Amy S
I'll just say this first... with your degree, you will be a hot ticket enlistment, so the recruiters will say just about anything to get your enlistment on their record...

That said, know your strengths and weaknesses really well. Decide what type of work you want to do... meaning, field hospital, stateside ER, pediatrics, the huge hospital in Germany... whatever type of work you like best is what you should aim for... and only you know your strengths and weaknesses to determine that.

Once you're really clear on what you are looking for, talk to recruiters and see what your options are. Get specific information from them about facilities, training, length of enlistment, etc... They have a LOT more information printed than they typically are willing to hand out until they're askedd for it or pushed a bit for it. If they won't give you answers, then tell them you won't be coming back to talk to them... and let them know you're going to talk to the other branches, as well.

Take a good look at what you get back from them, and do some research online... go look up the websites for the medical facilities and find out where they are... I know you can Google Marine Corps Command (make sure to include the word COMMAND, so you don't get the recruitment site) and link through the command structure to all Marine Corps facilities.... Do the same thing for the Navy, and link through to their medical facilities... same for Air Force, etc... see what services their facilities provide, and which seems to fit right with your skills and aptitudes.

Then make them wait a bit... it'll help out when it comes to them offering you a bonus... :)

Don't make a verbal agreement (although they're not worth anything, really, when it comes to enlistment) and don't sign anything unless you know EXACTLY what you're signing.

Oh... and get ready to be courted by every recruiter in town... They're going to love your degree!!

PS... Marines don't have their own medical staff... they use Navy Corpsmen...

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