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I got a 35 on the ASVAB bad?
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I got a 35 on the ASVAB bad?

I have straught A's in school so this should be a piece of cake. Not. Is a 35 really really bad? I was schedualed to get my physical and stuff but also swear in tuesday but I'm worried I should retake the test. WHAT DO I DO!?!?!
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Okay. How about this, I have straight A's and I can't type.


2010-10-17 22:06:39 +0000
Retest. Without a 70, you can probably count on being a cook or grunt work.

2010-10-17 22:04:15 +0000
It isn't even passing in most branches now days. Study and retake it. That is horrible.

2010-10-17 22:04:18 +0000
It means 65% of the people who test did better than you. Yes, it's bad. However, it's high enough that you can enlist. Don't expect a lot of job choices.

2010-10-17 22:06:04 +0000
There are lot's of great opportunities available with a 35 on the ASVAB, like, umm, maybe, a cook?

2010-10-18 03:39:55 +0000
50 is the minimum score to enlist...

2010-10-17 22:10:06 +0000
I'm guessing you are talking about your AFQT score. If my memory is right, you can qualify for the Marines, the Army, and the Navy, but not the Air Force. I am going off of old numbers, so things might have changed. Your recruiter will tell you for sure.

I think you can still get your physical. Swearing in may have to wait, but again your recruiter will know better than me.

Bottom line is that you were unprepared. You got A's in school, probably without much effort, and now you are freaking out because your score is not perfect. You can retake it, but you may not need to. If you do opt to retake the test, go to a library and study an ASVAB prep book. Make sure your next score is better to prove that you were not just wasting time.

The military life takes discipline and confidence. IF you thought otherwise, you need to re-evaluate yourself. This is not that career for "skating through". If your score is good enough to get in, then you are alright. Use this as a lesson to not jump into stuff without doing your homework, and prepare yourself for basic training.

If a 35 gets you in, your MOS will be severely limited. If you thing you can do better, ask for a retake, and work your butt off to get a good score. Then you have more options for your job.

Good luck.

2010-10-17 22:21:45 +0000
Your 4 years of high school did not teach you very much then. 35 on asvab is like a crappy SAT score. I would think your recruiter would set a retest, so forget tuesday. Next, you need to crack a test book like yesterday. For A student this should be a peice of cake. I've had civil service tests that were harder.

2010-10-17 22:07:56 +0000
Straight A's in school? You can't even spell... You need to retake it if you don't want a crappy job. 35 is really bad.

Edit: you're right, if 35 even gets you in, you won't get very far

2010-10-17 23:56:45 +0000
That's pretty bad. You wouldn't even be able to enlist in some branches with that score. Retake it. You don't want to be stuck in a crappy career.

2010-10-17 22:11:18 +0000


2010-10-17 22:28:01 +0000
No its not bad,don't listen to some of these ppl ,and don't retake it ,if u retake there's alwayss a chance of scoring lower,I scored a 33 on it and I'm enlisted in the Marines and going in as a grunt 03xx ,what branch r u joining?? if u joining the Marine the score that counts the most is the Gt score

2010-10-17 22:15:42 +0000
I was a recruiter in the Navy. The ASVAB score is just a general indication of what you may be good at. Don't worry about the score. Once you are in the service it doesn't really mean anything.

2010-10-17 22:11:34 +0000
If you're joining the Army then retaking it isn't an option. Retaking the test just to get a higher score if you already passed isn't authorized (according to AR 601-210, Chapter 5-8h if anybody wants to look it up and thinks I'm lying) and you're stuck with your current score until it expires in two years. If you're joining another branch I don't know what their policy is but I doubt a 35 is passing for anybody else (I know it isn't for the Air Force or Coast Guard, not sure about the Navy or Marines). What you should do is see what jobs you are offered. If you post your line scores we can tell you what you qualify for. Keep in mind that what you qualify for may not match what you are offered because of the needs of the branch you're joining. I tested one person who got a 52 AFQT and qualified for over 50 jobs but because of the amount of jobs available he was offered around 15. Lucky for him, the job he wanted (infantry) was open. I had another person who got a 34 and was offered 42A and 56M, two good jobs. Regardless of what job you pick you get the same benefits and you shouldn't let somebody tell you that you're an idiot or you should try to retake it and get a 90 because your ASVAB score won't make you a better person and it can delay your enlistment. Once you're already active duty you can take classes to raise your GT score so if you are not satisfied with the job you originally pick you can change it at reenlistment. Retake it now and you could possibly find yourself scoring lower, meaning you can't join at all since we go by your last score, not your highest.

alex seidlertz
wow, these comments have helped me out alot. I felt stupid when i got a score of 35 but im really not and i know that with hard work i can do just about anthing. Im enlisting in the army this tuesday. Im some what happy but then again i still feel like an idiot.

Laura Wright
My son received a 35 score on his ASVAB, of course he didn't study, and the Army only offered him cook, laundry or drive a truck. The Navy said he needed to retake the test and so did the Airforce. I am trying to convince him to wait. Any thoughts?

I scored a 35 on my asvab test for the army and the only job that I want is to be infantry.

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