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If China invaded Taiwan, would the US attack China?
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If China invaded Taiwan, would the US attack China?


Yeah, especially now because George Bush knows that his time is almost over so he has to go out with a bang. Literally. Lol, yes, I think we would with Bush, but I don't know about after his term is up.

The US would watch and do nothing because there is no military right now to help Taiwan. The US military is stretched to thin now, there is no way it could fight a superpower. The US might give aid in money, weapons, intelligence and other shady deals, like it always does, to Taiwan but there would be no direct military aid.

Unfortunately, no.

When we decided to recognize Mainland China as the real China, not Taiwan, it was the sounding of the death knell for Taiwan...

No, because when China does invade Taiwan, they will be ready for some sort of militarized American response, and nip it quickly.

I was Thinking
Sorry the five extra troops are watching American Idol tonight, can you just threaten them??

good daddy
It might begin WW3...if US decide to protect their influncial power over Asia

unfortunately, no. we have sold out Taiwan.


#1.... For the past 62 years, all three have agreed, "There is only one China." It would be an internal issue.

#2. The USA ended its mutual defense pact with Taiwan in the 1970s. It has no treaty saying it must get involved.

#3. The US Navy now is smaller than it was in 1917, less than 300 ships. It is retiring them at a rate of 10 per year, and only building new ones at a rate of 5 per year. China on the other hand is building fast and within a few years will have a navy of the same size and a lot newer than the US Navy.

#4. The aircraft carriers that the US NAVY brags about does not stand a chance against land based planes. It would be absolutely stupid to risk them in a war with China.

#5. China could land 500,000 troops on Taiwan in a matter of a day, it would take the USA a year to collect its troops and send them there. (250 troops per airliner, one trip every six hours, 500 planes. You think anyone other than the USSR would shoot down a civilian airliner?)

#6. It is just not worth it. The risks of going to war with China over the benefit of a "free" Taiwan. Looking at the big picture, China grabbing Taiwan is not going to have a major impact on world events.

#7. The USA did squat when China grabbed Tibet and that was when we had a hard ball Harry Truman as president. You think if we elect a whoosie like Hillary or Edwards they will do something today if China grabbed Taiwan?

So NO. I do not thing the USA would do squat about it.

genesis i

Vampire 13R
Why not fight the last war over again. Right now all of the rich Chinese who fled the mainland to Taiwan with thier gold are trying to get back to the mainland.

You are living in the past

Ken C

In the current environment of our country, one in which American citizens are leaning more and more to isolation, it is difficult to see our country getting involved in new military action short of a land invasion of our country.
Because an attack by "walk-in" nukes, bacteria, or chemical weapons have no signature, we will blame such attacks on our government and just accept the incident as a way of modern life--much the same way we accept drive by shootings.

Tulsa Time
Let us all hope and pray that this doesn't happen.

No we wouldn't but the UN would put in economic sanctions. But if a coalition gets put together it is actually a good possiblity.

The Chinese can't anyway right now, there is a carrier fleet sitting between them and Taiwan. Right now the Chinese Navy is too weak to take on that fleet.

Guys seriously, China would get pounded on Taiwan. They would have to get past the fleet, if they did the majority of the invasion force would have been destroyed. Then they have to fight the Taiwanese on their turf on an Island...NOT FUN. Then what? They practically destroyed it in the invasion, now you are sitting ducks for the subs and the 2 carrier fleets at Korea.

They're so convinced its already theirs, so why should they invade ?

...by the way, this kind of reminds me of Vietnam, except this time its worse, China outnumbers us

Unless led by a really dumb president *cough bush* without a doubt no.

US may, to try and act all tough and keep the idea that they are Taiwan's knight in shining armor, send some "peace keepers" or something like that, blow up a few Chinese ships, shoot down a few planes, hit a few bases. But if that happens China's gonna retaliate and problems are gonna escalate to a level US won't want to be at. First, economically, US and China are brothers hand in hand. Both countries are also major international countries, with the UN veto rights (China's the only asian country with this right, if you don't count Russia). Also, an extensive attack on China's gonna result in hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths, something that the international communities gonna cry out against, and stands against what US's idea of again, a knight in shining armor. Also, regardless of US intervention, if China attacks Taiwan, it'll take it over or screw it over. Taiwans just too small and weak.

Also, Taiwan is part of China, period. No discussion. China proclaims it a renegade province, so if it attacks, it's not gonna be called an invasion, more of a civil conflict/battle. Taiwan has also never been by itself. Only after the defeated nationalists fled china to Taiwan did there even begin discussion that Taiwan was independent. Just because a bunch of Nationalists said so? Hmm.... Funniest thing...the current political party that Nationalist evolved into is currently crying out for reunification.

Some real sweeping comments in the answers there, I would suggest that people go and read there Chinese history books to see where this status quo has come from.
I would imagine that the U.S. would have to retaliate as you have a fleet parked off the coast of Taiwan, and the PRC are not likely to differentiate too well from an F15 U.S. Navy Jet and a Taiwan F15 Jet.
The only reason they haven't attacked over the past 50 years has been that fleet parked there, they may have superiority of numbers but there technical know how is very limited (for the moment).
In the end if it were to happen I'm sure that there would be a significant problem, for the whole world and lines would be drawn in the sand for a lot of countries. NATO would be drawn into it for a start, however, they would also have to worry about the Russians deciding to take advantage possibly. Of course they'd probably be flipping a coin over which front to go over west or east.


just plain jim
That is never going to happen.

The pending invasion of Taiwan:
That threat has been going on for over 50 years and is never going to happen. China has laid claim to Taiwan as it was one of China’s provinces prior to Mao taking over. Sure, China and Taiwan dust off their sabers once a year or so, rattle them at each other, then put them away and go back to normal trade, cultural and scientific exchanges and tourism. I suspect all the saber rattling is done to appease the haters. In time, when China’s economy becomes stronger, Taiwan and China will be united for economic reasons and like Hong Kong, it will be under the same concept, one country, two governments. Exactly what China has stated for over a decade.

China realized a long time ago that they can't go up against the west, and even if they did invade Taiwan and the west did nothing, the economic and political fallout would be catastrophic for China.

China learned long ago that there is more then one way to skin a cat. War is probably the least affective whereas doing it economically does have positive tangible affects that can be controlled.

War is a crap shoot. All we have to do is look at Afghanistan and Iraq to understand how the most lofty goals can turn into crap. China learned those lessons long ago. We should have from Vietnam and most certainly Iraq, but sadly I don't think we've learned a thing.




Mike H
you know we would. maybe not invade but get involved.

If China invaded Taiwan, then China would be in violation of the Treaty of Shimonoseki where China ceded its sovereignty over Taiwan in perpetuity in 1895 (though the Communist took over China and probably consider that treaty null and void).

The Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty of 1954 was a mutual defense treaty between the US and Taiwan but was annulled by President Carter after the US re-established diplomatic relations with China.

The Taiwan Relations Act of 1979 states that any effort to determine the future of Taiwan by other than peaceful means is of "grave concern" to the United States.

So, there is currently no binding treaty for us to defend Taiwan.

China can't invade itself. The U.S. considers Taiwan a part of China.

The US is committed to defend Taiwan. That may include attacking China as part of its defense. For an look at how a nuclear war with China may start see the link added

Wayne C
I think this is still valid.

The Taiwan Relactions Act

Public Law 96-8 96th Congress effective 1/1/1079

Defend Taiwan

daschund delight
We wouldnt "attack" china but we would fight along side Taiwan.

eli h
**** no.

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