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If you fail your AIT in the Army what do you do then?
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If you fail your AIT in the Army what do you do then?

I was watching an E.O.D. video and it said their is a 1/3 washout rate. I was wondering what happens to those people if they fail. Do they go for a different MOS?


2010-07-10 01:47:17 +0000
You go for a different MOS.

2010-07-11 23:32:54 +0000
The guy saying if you fail EOD you become an 89B does not know what he's talking about. I just got re-classed from EOD for academic issues, and I am now in Ft. Gordon becoming a 25Q, which is the Signal Corp, you are re-classed to"needs of the army," which will not be any MOS that you would ever want..if you pick EOD, go to study hall. Every night. It's 10 months, but you will regret it if you fail out.

2010-07-10 05:15:59 +0000
In the Army, all EOD first attend the Ammunition Specialist AIT

if you washout of EOD training, then you become a 89B Ammunition Specialist

2010-07-10 01:44:35 +0000
You get a 2nd chance and will recycle the place you failed at. If you fail again you have to reclass. However it is usually needs of the Army.

2010-07-10 02:13:51 +0000
I know in the Marines, if you flunk out, your assigned to "the needs of the Corps". Same is probably true with the Army.

2010-07-10 01:50:41 +0000
If you fail your AIT the Army will re-classify you into another AIT for a new MOS. They may give you a few MOS's to choose from, but then they may not. It's too your advantage to complete your AIT at all cost so as to avoid such a predicament.

2010-07-10 01:43:34 +0000

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