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In World War II, how come the Nazi's didn't use the atomic bomb?
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In World War II, how come the Nazi's didn't use the atomic bomb?

The Atomic Bomb was made by a group of Nazi scientists. Even though Einstein developed the nuclear theory, the bomb is technically German. How come Mein Fuher (Hitler) didn't use the atomic bomb?


Raking S
Because the bomb kills EVERYTHING! if they had guys over here, blip, dead. If they wanted to take over everything would be dead and there would be nothing there to rule over.

Rob S
The Nazis never had a working bomb. They were in development but some well timed strikes by allied forces caused them to be delayed.
It wasn't for lack of trying that the Nazis did drop the A-bomb they just couldn't get all the pieces together at the same time. The US just happened to the one country that wasn't getting bombed everyday and was able to put it all together first.

Because the people that created it got out of there with the knowledge that they had. Hitler did still have the plans, I think, and I am sure that if he had the people would have used it.

They chose the enrich tritium, easier to do harder to use. The pressures needed would have been technically challenging. That was the reason they didn't succeed, along with a few well placed bombs.

They didn't have one. There's some evidence of volitional foot-dragging among the top remaining physicists, and possibly even treasonous resistance. But the main factor is likely that the time-line for development was longer than Hitler thought it would take him to win the war, so he didn't put a high priority on it.

Alex S
The bomb is technically not german. Captured or defected
german scientist worked on the project. Hitler didn't spent
to much resources on developing it. If my history knowledge
isn't failing me they stalled the development in favor of other
projects. So basically Germany never used the bomb be-
cause they never had it at that point in time.

There were claims that they were very close to it. But
later research showed that, while there was some
development, they were never close to a working bomb.

They were working on one (as a low priority), but the US developed/used it first.

And the scientists who developed the US bomb weren't Nazis; the use of Nazi scientists (called the "paper clip" project) didn't happen until after the war.

Because Hitler didn't have a completed atomic bomb by the end of the war. Since the guy was a lunatic by the closing days of the war, if he had had one, best guess is he would have tried to use it. However, I believe people in the German military would have tried to stop him.

1) they did not have the bomb
2) in the early 1930's they made the decision NOT to pursue creation of a sizeable long range bomber fleet- therefore even if they did have the bomb- they would not have had the means to drop it by 1943-44

Philip L
The science of the atom at the time was only theoretical. Despite having leading atomic scientists like Werner Heisenberg Germany put the project on the back burner in favor of practical weapons like tanks, submarines rockets and jet fighters because at the time Germany was still winning the war and an atomic bomb demanded financial and material resources that Germany could not afford to invest on a theoretical science. Albert Speer believed in the project but could not sell it to others particularly Hitler.

The development of the nuke has many fathers and even some mothers. From Otto Hahn to Fermi, it took scientists from several countries, to end with a usable bomb.
The biggest problem was enrichment of enough uranium, which is in its natural form not unstable enough to be used for a bomb.
We will never know, if Germany had a bomb or not. However, Hitler was not the brightest and in very deteriorating health by the end of the war. I doubt, he understood the strategic value of a nuke, even if he had one.
Hitler, an Austrian, was obsessed with Wagner's Opera and envisioned Germany from the beginning as a theatrical back drop for his own interpretation of Wagner's Goetterdaemmerung, or Twilight of the Gods. He never intended to win the war, but according to the Opera, end it in Thunder, Lightning, Noises, Sword Rattling and ultimate Death and Destruction.
I would have been easy for the German army to destroy the entire English army in Dunkirk and the war would have been over in 1940. Between the 26 May and the 4 June, Hitler let 400,000 troops flee over the channel. That was the end for the Reich.

Murray H
Because they didn't have one.

They actually abandoned the project, believing it wouldn't work. Thanks to Hitler.

Papa Chuck
Because they didn't have one.

nuckin futz
The Nazis hadn't reached deployability before they lost the war. If they'd been able to hold out longer, it might have been a different story. IMHO, what really lost the war for them was a lack of air power and no strategic bombers.

They didn't have any.

They never had it, they chased out the scientists that were working on it...

The German scientists who developed the bomb were here in America. Hitler didn't ever have the bomb.

They were working on one.
And the US attacked their uranium enrichment facilities.


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