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Is being 23 years old too old to join the Army??
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Is being 23 years old too old to join the Army??

I am currently 20 years old and am a Junior in college.

I am majoring in Criminal Justice and want to become a police officer. Joining the Army has always some what interested me, but after high school decided to go to college insted.

By the time I have completed my studies, I will be about 23 years old, almost 24. Is that too old to join? I havent had any training at all.

Would be interested in joining the Military Police.


no your heeps young join but join special forces because you will be more skilled to face the challenges which would boost your survivability rate

D squared
My best buddy re enlisted at age 40. He is doing fine and loves it. Also he is a MP. If you really want to enlist then take your time and make sure you get all you want from the military in writing on your contract. Whatever you decide to do, it should be in your best interests. Good luck in your future endeavors!!

Ahcho A
Nope not too old. In fact if you do it just right, you can get the military to help pay for the rest of your education and all you have to do is take ROTC and join as an officer. Being a cop can wait, it will be there when you feel it's time to retire or get out of the military. I went into the Marines first then became a Special Investigator. They military helps and if you're in the legal aspects of the military, you'll have even more clout when you get out.

Go for it!!!

No. You can enlist up to age 34 (in my day), but the age limit for officers is about late-twenties, if I recall correctly. You can also sign up for Reserves and National Guard. Their age requirements are much more lenient.

Army guy
41 and the air force is 45 If you were a E-4 at one time thay give you that 4 years but GO

Can't spell OIF without Oi!
It's not too old. I joined at 23. Finish school though. Even if you choose to go enlisted, a degree will really help out.

23 isn't too old to join, but it can be a little harder to adjust to people telling you what to do. If you will have your degree tell them you want to be sent to Officer Candidate School (OCS) so you can be commissioned as an officer in the Military Police. They will pay off your college loans, and you'll earn a lot more money as an officer than an enlisted man. Although, if you choose to go the route of enlisted you will enter as an E-4 (Specialist) because of your degree. Recruits with 2 and three years of college enter as E-3s. Have fun.

I came in the Army in my early 30s. It's fine, I was at training with people older than me.

You should join the national guard right now on the ROTC-SMP program. That means you drill once a month with a guard unit and do ROTC at school. They can't deploy you till you graduate and you'll get better than a grand a month, PLUS free tuition & about 800/sem for books. You can choose to either do the short ROTC summer training, or go to basic & MP school for which you'll get a bonus when you get back. If you choose to do MP school, that'll give you a much better chance of getting MP when you graduate & commission. When you do graduate, you aren't bound to the guard, you are free to go active or reserve if you like.

I'll warn you though, a lot of people in the guard/reserve want to do something totally different than what they do all week long. I know folks that are really successful laywers & such on the outside, but they are infantry officer and helicopter pilots in the guard. Coming in through the guard and ROTC will give you the chance to really explore the options open to you and decide if you want MP for sure, and if you want active or guard/reserve.

Best of luck to you! Msg me if you need a pointer at some info or contacts.

i had a guy in my unit that was 45 years old. some times a guy that is a little older works out good because he has a little more muturity then a 18 year old out of high school.

You are not to old. The Army will give you any training you need, and more importantly, their training. There are many ways to become a military police officer in the military. All with positive and negative aspects.

1. You can Enlist as an E-3 (Spec). After receiving training as a MP you may have the option of becoming a CID agent.(think FBI) Promotion to Warrent Officer (W1) is possible. On the downside, you are the lowest link on the food chain.

2. You may receive a commisioning as an officer (O1/2ndLt) After completing your training you can request a MP MOS. Training can begin during next summer. The pay is slighlty better, with more perks but a lot of responsability.

You are in the Prime of your life,Physically.YOU CAN DO IT!
A woman in California last year enlisted in her Mid forties to be with her active duty Son.If SHE can,YOU can!

N O!!!!!!!!!!!!


dude...i am 28 and i am thinking about joining up, so no it's totally not too old. i went to college too, wanted to join when i got out of high school but started college and by the time i decided what i wanted to do i figured i might as well finish. i say do what you think is right

No. That's a perfect time if you finish school.

If you don't finish school, though, you're going to get pretty pissed off taking orders from 18 and 19 year olds.

Leslie C
not to old at for all. I commend you for wanting to joining.

I would start talking with recruiters and all now.

♥ Infantry Wife ♥
no, i know alot of guys that are older then 23 going into the the army... at least you have a goal and your going to college to achieve that goal...

good luck

NOT as smart as a 5th grader
No, in fact that is good age to go in. Esp. if you have abunch of student loans to apy off, you could lookinto the loan repayment bonus.

I think the Army has raised it's enlistment age to around 40 years old. Prior to the War on Terror, it was around 37.

When you consider that the Army is now accepting 42 year olds for enlistment, 23 is still very young...

DJ Cosmolicious
These days, not at all. I think they've upped the max age to 40-something.

If you finish your degree and want to be an officer (instead of enlisted), the max age for OCS is still a lot more than 24. It was 29 when I was looking at it several years ago, and I believe they've raised it since.

Does your university have an ROTC program? You should go chat with those guys - maybe you can start your commissioning program in your last couple years of school.

Don't believe a recruiter who tells you that you have to serve some enlisted time before you can apply for OCS - civilians can apply directly to OCS, it'll just be harder on you if you have no prior military experience. Again, go find an ROTC program, at your uni or at another, is the best advice I can give you. Also, be flexible and shop around - maybe the Air Force or the Marines are a better fit for you, depending on your goals. And make sure you look at the Coast Guard - you can get a lot of law enforcement experience commanding a cutter, potentially a lot more than commanding an MP company on an Army post.

No 23 is young you will have no problem joining the army as long as you are in shape. Also the army will put you in tip top shape for what I hear about the army training.

Tobias Maximus
It's not too old but why would you want to join? You're better off using your education to get ahead in life. Anyway, if you do want to go in, make sure you get everything you want. With a college education, you should be able to go in as an E-4 and be able to pick a decent job. Explore all the options you can get and make sure you get the most you can out of it....good luck!

No. I have a friend who joined when he was 28, but many of the new recruits are in their late teens.

No you are not to old to join the army. I have a friend who joined when he was 25. He did just fine in the army sure he was one on the older guys, but it did not stop him from joining. Good luck

No, that's not too old. It would be best to go then, you have your education and would be most likely promoted faster than someone without it.

Airbound Gabe
i'm 20 too dude and i just enrolled in the rotc program. only 2 years till active duty so make sure that you have a good grade and they will take you without a problem.you should consult whatever doubts you have with a recruter or whoever can answer ya that question

Marco R
You could join the Army as an Officer (in the Military Police field) once you finish college. Get hired by a Police department back home, and then you could join a MP unit in the National Guard or something. Being an MP v.s. being any other MOS in the military won't give you any special edge in getting hired as a civilian Police officer. They look at the military experience in general. And with a 4-year degree most PD's would be more than glad to hire you. Just some other options for you.

No, there was a soldier in my husband's co who joined when he was in his 30's.

Join now to get what you want and in writing. If you join while you are enrolled in college gives you more of a chance to become that Military Police.

The maximum age to join the Army is 41 years old. We have your age always coming into our office wondering the same thing.

SSG Schramm
US Army 15 years
OIF 2003
US Army Recruiter 3 years currently Texas

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