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Is it legal for civilians to own a tank?
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Is it legal for civilians to own a tank?

and if it is, is it legal to have the tank shells for it. Just wondering


Are you kidding me? dogg, no regular dued can own a tank. ur crzy...

Russ Bus
Uhhh ya its illigal for joe schmo top have a frickin tank. Live shells are a no no too. I suppose if you had an empty shell laying around it wouldnt be that big of a deal. WHat are you some kind of terrorist? Why the hell would you need a tank?

Lady Freyja
What do you need a damn tank for? Leave defending this country to the proffesionals. Are you planning on starting a revolution or something?

i would believe it is illegal to own a tank. just stick with the game GTA. it would be amazing to really have one!

Yes. In MA, you needed to change the treads to wheels, and could not have the cannon or any machine guns on it.

For shells, you would need a federal license.

I think (not entirely sure) that it's legal to own military equipment as long as it doesn't have military abilities.

For example: You can own a B-17 bomber as long as it cannot carry ordinance and has no working guns.

You can own an M-16 rifle, but only if it is incapable of firing in automatic or 3-round burst mode.

I'm pretty sure you can own a tank, as long as it cannot fire main gun rounds and has no working machine guns.

After all, Hollywood has 'em.

I dont know, but it would be cool

Ya i got a 50 gallon tank!!

even if it was legal do you know how much a tank costs. more than you could ever pay. and shells cost 2000 dollars a shell

Sarah Grissom
typically the tank is rendered inoperable for combat purposes before it is sold to civilians.

Jackie P
Forgive me for jumping into your question when I have absolutely NO clue whatsoever... I saw ? in the list of open questions....

And I laughed with delight because my sons always thought that owning a tank would be THE most fun thing in all the world next to owning a monster truck! It sure is one of their dreams.

I told them- well maybe you should join the Army??

gray bird
not sure in the us but in England their is a man that has one and drives it around with tags on it.
saw it on TV once.

You are allowed to own a retired tank that is in a government scrap yard. You can get one dirt cheap since they usually don't run. Owning the ammunition for one is not allowed. And you have to be cleared by the government to purchase it as well.

By law, you are allowed to own a tank, as long as it's fireing systems have been taken out/ disabled.

Confused person
they cost $1,000,000 but if you can buy it you cant have it out in public... its a weapon. oh yeah, and good luck buying one they only sell them to the military :(

good question!

Heck Yeah. I got one to make sure my neighbors' dog won't DARE to take a crap on my lawn again!

Watch this link and decide ...


It's hilarious!

Tony R
yes in most states

Tom Clancy,(Hunt for Red October,...) owns one in Maryland on his property by the Ches. Bay, it's treated just like a automatic weapon by ATF and referred to as an exotic weapon, one per citizen if you have no criminal back round.

It is legal to own a tank in most states.....In fact there is a man in San Diego California who rents one for proms and other special occasions.
Owning ammunition and tanks is restricted to those with Federal permits.
There are other civilian laws which while not specifically directed toward "tanks" might impact their use (i.e. You can not impede traffic on public highways.......You can not damage the public highway (tread marks) )

Yes, it is legal as far as I know, but there are no doubt restrictions on the owner, such as no shells in the barrel, which seems sensible enough. Kinda like when one owns an out of commission police car. There are private citizens who own old WWII crap throughout the world, tanks among them.

Have you ever seen the show on the Millitary Channel where they restore old tanks and other armored vehicles, both men featured in the show(one's in the US , other's in the UK) are private tank collectors. So yes it is legal to own one. Google search it you'll find sites that sell them.

h h
It is legal to have it if you get the proper licenses, and no you cannot operate it on the street. People collect them for historical shows ect...

No, you cannot have the weaponry on the tank functional, and you cannot have the ammunition for the weapon.

Sure; check out this link


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