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Is now a good or bad time to join the military?
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Is now a good or bad time to join the military?

I really dislike school and would like to just travel and make a career of the military. I wouldn't mind going in for 20 years.... Is now a good time?

I'm 21 in 4 months...

Which branch? I want good benefits and whatnot... I want decent money, I want to serve my country, I want honor.

Thanks in advance.


2009-07-20 01:04:41 +0000
If it's honor you're after, and you want to serve your country, you're better off buying a huge portion of land with a group of other families and starting a Militia.

It hasn't been a good time to join the military since about 1945. You won't be serving your country if you do, you'll be serving your government.

Don't get me wrong, I respect our soldiers...but nothing more than that I come from a long line of military family. We came over on the Mayflower and were a major force in the Rhode Island and Massachusetts Militias and served in every generation since...except this one and the previous.


Because my great-grandfather and grandfather (both marines) alike, told my father and I not to do it (In fact they strictly forbade my dad). Because they know, just as well as you can find out, what's really going on.

It's all completely accessible information, it's nothing they're hiding from the public...so don't think I'm sort of conspiracy nut.

Let me reiterate: there is NO honor in joining any of the military branches. Not any more.

Find some land, and start upholding the constitution if you REALLY want to defend and serve the country.

2009-07-20 01:03:36 +0000
As far as decent money, your not going to find that in the military, with no prior service and no collge education you will enlist as a Private, which only make around 18-19,000 a year, if your commissioned as an officer you'll still only make roughly 30,000 a year. But the benefits are amazing as far as getting school paid for.

Now being a good time? Thats for you to decide. Recruiting is high, so the military wants "quality, not quantity." We are in many countries, such a Kovoso, Iraq, and Afghanistan, so chances of deployment are pretty high.

If you want the best opportunity and chance for advancement join the Army. It's the fastest growing branch out of the whole military. It has the most U.S. funding.

Thats just my personal opinion, take it as you want, any branch would be considered an honor to your country, good luck!


2009-07-20 00:57:38 +0000
That's impossible to answer

For some it may be a good idea. For some it might not be

It's also impossible to choose a branch for you. People join a branch for there own reasons. The best to do is just to research about it. I am joining the Marines, My dad was Air Force. My brother was Army. We all joined for our own reasons

2009-07-20 01:06:14 +0000
For a career I would go Air Force, as for a good time ,I would wait until we have Commander-in-Chief that is for the military, rather than against it*****************

2009-07-20 00:59:06 +0000
if u wanna travel u should go into the navy because they can go anywhere in the world and they have a less chance of gettin deployed but for a career go with the army

2009-07-20 00:57:35 +0000
For a career I would say army.

More room for advancement and skill training

2009-07-20 01:03:46 +0000
If you want to travel and have good benefits and technical training go Navy. If you want to be a badass join the Marines.

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