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Psoriasis and the Veterans Affairs (VA), Possible ratings...?
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Psoriasis and the Veterans Affairs (VA), Possible ratings...?

I receive 20% service connected disability. I was medically discharged out of the Army in 1997 after 10 years of service. I received 10% for Psoriasis and 10% for a respiratory issue. I went to the VA clinic this morning to see the VA Doc for my Psoriasis. I was asking the DR. about my rating of 10% and if I should go through a C&P exam to try to get an increase. She really didn't answer me but she did say I was approximately 30% cover with the skin disorder now. I am sure she really can't tell me to try to get an increase since she works for the VA. My question is will I get more than a 10% disability for psoriasis covering 30% of my body?

I don't want to go and they take my Service connected disabilty away.


The Doctors at the Dept of VA Hospitals have
really no say in what your % of Disability is...

That is handled by the VA Regional Office
and they have their own Doctors to examine you.

Suggest you hook up with a Veterans Service Officer
from one of the Veterans Organizations...
or your County or State Veterans Office...
to file for an increase...It is a Free Service.
Do not do it on your own...

Strongly suggest you follow up on that
Respiratory problem as it will get worse over time.

But does it take away from your ability to work ? Its not contagious, It isn't crippling, It isn't going to kill you. You need another 10% to start to collect any compensation. Even if you were covered by the skin condition over 100% of your body it is only a 10% disability. Go get and fail a HEARING TEST that will give you another 10%.

60% rating for skin disorder psorisis here with 20% impinchment in left sholder just got mine this week

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