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Should women be allowed to serve on the front lines with men in battle?
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Should women be allowed to serve on the front lines with men in battle?


2010-02-18 01:39:51 +0000
No, because men still have the parochial tendency to be protective of women to the point of distraction. Further, women don't (generally, although there are indeed exceptions) have the physical strength to carry a wounded male comrade from harm's way.

2010-02-18 01:35:18 +0000
Yes.... dude come on

2010-02-18 01:38:01 +0000
They're already there.


2010-02-18 01:35:42 +0000
yes, tea, biscuits, and massages

2010-02-18 01:35:50 +0000
They already do, it's called don't ask don't tell....

Smartie...no they do not, different physical standards and a woman is not going to be able to hump her 250 lb squad leader when he gets wounded....quit watching GI Jane and take a reality check.

2010-02-18 12:55:55 +0000
I believe in equal rights, rigidly enforced equal rights.

If a woman can pass the same physical tests as a man then fine, let her serve anywhere a man would serve, if they want equality make it equal and don't have a dual standard.

If they accept different requirements for joining then by default they also accept there is a physical difference between a man and a women. This difference is why they are not allowed to serve in teeth arms.

2010-02-18 01:35:24 +0000
When I was in the military I was happy not to be able to be on the front lines. I don't think they should be able to.

2010-02-18 01:40:10 +0000
I dont think they should serve on the front lines like men just to have gender "equalness" or whatever (yes i know thats not a word). I hate to break it to some people, but most females cant compete with males physically. Thats just a fact. If a girl can do everything the guys can do and she wants to, then by all means i say let her.

Look at the Israeli army. They have women on the front lines and they are the most powerful military in the entire Middle East.

2010-02-18 01:42:06 +0000
Women were born to serve man. There is no "should" or "be allowed" about it. It is the way it is. I make my woman serve me. If they defy me. I physically beat them into submission. Do you understand?

2010-02-18 01:36:43 +0000
Why not? If they train hard like the men do, and are ready enough for it; then they should. Equal Rights.

2010-02-18 01:37:29 +0000
Later in life it may help balance the male female ratio on the dance floor

2010-02-18 01:39:35 +0000
Sure, if they can handle it. Honestly I can't say it's for me. But I know some women who are very physically strong, mentally and emotionally tough. Being a woman is just being born of a gender. It should not and does not limit capabilities.

2010-02-18 02:52:17 +0000
Your question should be should women be allowed into Combat Arms MOS's----the short answer to that is no. Women these days do get engaged by the enemy sometimes since there are no clear cut battle lines but should they be allowed to be Infantry, Tankers, Scouts and such no not ever

I'm doing a paper in college about whether women should be in battle (front lines) I have a woman who's in my class and she is arguing that women should. In my opinion, men are still gentlemen and they would try to protect the woman and not concentrate on why they are in battle. Plus, the enemy would shoot the women, knowing it would distract the men, and then capture all of them. Any feed back on this?

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