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Was the inventor of M16 armalite Rifle a Filipino?
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Was the inventor of M16 armalite Rifle a Filipino?

This has been a debate in in our school that M16 armalite rifle was invented by Armando Malite but later on sold his rights and patent to Fairchild Industry. Some says it is because Phil Gov won't support his works due to unknown stupid reasons. Also my British Uncle who works at Fairchild before, confirmed the main model was really invented by a filipino though there are no official evidence. Is there anyone of you knows about it better? Or some links for more information about this?


The M16 was invented by Eugene Stoner (not kidding). He actually invented the AR-10, which is a .308 caliber rifle of the same design, but the military wanted a smaller caliber. The 5.56 was adopted, and Stoner entered the history books when the rifle became America's choice.

It was Armando Malite, I myself know it with some reliable military related book sources. Eugene Morrison Stoner together with John Browning and John Garand are the individuals that REDESIGNED the said firearm.

Note: It doesn't mean that they designed it, they also invented it.
Also, note that Armando's Rights was bought together with his invention.

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