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What's usually for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday at Army's Basic Training?
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What's usually for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday at Army's Basic Training?

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breakfast is the best. hope you like scrambled eggs.
The food is good.You'll see.Tabasco will be your freind
Good luck to you.

i dunno about the army but in the af the food is actually good u just dont have time to eat it so u cant taste it. u usually eat anything u'd eat at home . everything from pizza, to spaghetti, waffles, chicken, cereal, salad, eggs...u get the gist. no sweets or soda though...only water and some nasty *** gatorade.

Cody B
I was gonna ask this too lol.

AND LISAB!! What do you mean by nast victory punch at for jackson? Thats were Im going! lol

When there is a mess hall.....There is a basic menu they adhere to (helps the supply people to know what to buy) Generally speaking you get the same food for breakfast that you would expect.....eggs.....pancakes.....SOS....… the other meals are healthy and nutritious....

Even when the troops are way from the mess hall they try to provide at least one hot meal a day......

The rest of the time you get MREs.....

The American military is the best fed in the world.....

Willie Wankerz
MRE's! MRE's & MRE's!

Chow halls are pretty good, I hear. You will to...HEAR about it! MRE's baby!!! Meals Ready to Eat.....

It is called she-it on a shingle. Except on Sundays when they have turkey she-it on a shingle.

What do you think they are gonna feed you? How on earth could someone know what they will feed you at every meal. If the menu scares you maybe the Army isn't for you.

I don't remember breakfast too well, I usually mixed everything I got into one and ate it as fast as I could.

For lunch and dinner, it's the same type of food you'd get at school.

Yak Rider
Great green gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts
Marinated monkey nuts
Hairy pickled piggy feet
French fried eyeballs floating in pool of blood
And me without a spoon.

Great green gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts
Scab sandwich, puss on top
Vulture vomit, camel snot
Deep dish boogers soaking in a bowl of fat
And me without a spoon.

Great green gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts
Parrot eyeballs dipped in glue
Petrified porpoise puss
Flaming ear wax bobbing in a bowl of barf
And me without a spoon.

Great green gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts
Dessicated dinosaur dung
Percolated pelican poop
Tortoise turd balls with the little flies inside
And me without a spoon.

King Of Battle
I don't know about Army Basic food.
But when i in Marine Corps boot camp for breakfast we usually had eggs and grits, and the other meals always seemed to be chicken.

Wayne C
We were doing 4 to 6 miles double time every day. Add PT to that and you will eat the mystery meat and not care. Funny how Brussels sprouts, SOS, grits and green meat go with anything when you are hungry.

SSG US Army 73-82

They say that in the Army the chow is mighty fine.
A biscuit rolled off the table and killed a friend of mine.
Gee Ma I wanna go home.

They have a small variety. If you go to Ft. Jackson get ready for the nasty victory punch.

Breakfast: you usually have ceral, scrambled eggs, pancakes or french toast. It varies from time to time.

Lunch: Sunday was the best cheeseburgers. During the week spaghetti, baked chicken, mashed potatoes,

Dinner: Usually same as lunch sometimes. Lasagna, some type of vegetable.

Usually you have a choice between two main dishes, two vegetables or something to that effect.

The food is pretty bland and you really never have time to taste it anyways. They have treats out but usually you are not allowed any during basic...they might after you pass your last PT test though.

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