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What branches of service accept former serviceman who were discharged with an RE4 code? (Including reserves)?
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What branches of service accept former serviceman who were discharged with an RE4 code? (Including reserves)?

Whatever accepts, I'll go. I just want to be discharged with a new RE code so I can get back into the USMC.


2008-08-14 01:29:51 +0000
You may appeal to the United States Court of Military Appeals to upgrade your discharge. You were given an RE4 because they really, really, REALLY don't want you back. I included the link because I know that just once in a while a guy gets a bad break. Good Luck, jarhead.

2008-08-14 02:05:28 +0000
ur best bet would be the Army, i know 2 guys that got back in with a re 4 but its a lot of work and it can take some time but u still may not get back in so good luck, like i said the Army would be ur best bet if they won't take u then just give it up

2008-08-14 01:21:38 +0000
None- Sorry- See the regs below:

Section 2510.30 Caveat; RE Codes

In defining what constitutes an "unfavorable military discharge" for purposes of the above prohibition, Section 1-103(P) of the Act indicates that the term includes discharges...which are classified as RE-3 or the equivalent thereof, but does not include those characterized as RE-4 or "Dishonorable." The RE codes referred to in the definition are used by the armed forces to designate the reenlistment status of an individual at the time of discharge, but they do not always correlate exactly with the nature of the individual's discharge. The RE-4 code is used by most (but not all) branches of the armed forces to designate that the individual is absolutely barred from reenlistment. While all persons receiving "Dishonorable" discharges are likely to be assigned the RE-4 code, that code may also be assigned to an individual whose discharge is not "Dishonorable." Moreover, individuals whose discharges have been upgraded by the military review boards may not have received corresponding changes in their reenlistment codes, since the review boards are not authorized to alter the codes. Thus strict reliance on RE codes in evaluating job applicants may lead to results inconsistent with the legislative intent. Therefore, the nature of the discharge, rather than the RE code, should be regarded as the controlling factor.

2008-08-14 01:29:38 +0000
This was posted on a military.com board.

Posted Tue 12 August 2008 08:42 AM Hide Post
the ANG can get past most re-4 codes depending on what happend and a few other things i have ran into one or two recently and we are working with them but the thing about other states is that most recruiters dont want to do the paper work then it doesnt fall through but if anyone wants to try the new york national guard

email me at: helovesdeekay@tmail.com

i will try to work with you to the best of my ability and see if i can get you back in

2008-08-14 02:34:29 +0000
"O" services will accept you...
You are stuck with the RE-4 Code for life...

Never seen or heard of an RE Code being changed in
40 years of doing Veterans Service work...

2008-08-14 01:23:08 +0000
That RE4 code is given by the Dept of Defense & means the same to all the services. Your only hope is to petetion the service you were in & see if they'll upgrade it. The chances are next to zero, but it has been done. It just depends on how strong your case is as to why you didn't deserve to be kicked out of the military.
Other than that, your military career is finished.

2008-08-14 07:25:00 +0000
I had an RE-4 and the ARNG got me in. Bottom line, if you want in, find a recruiter who knows his stuff and doesn't just quote rules and regs. Those are guidelines and we all know what guidelines are for. I am in as an E-4 with a secret clearance and am accepted to OCS. Don't tell me an RE-4 is hopeless. I am living proof that there is military life after the RE-4!!!

2008-08-14 01:23:53 +0000
You can't. Maybe appeal your re-enlisment code? That is your only option.

I have a friend with re4/re-4 jfx codes on his discharge. He got a bravo zulu job well done while in the navy, and they said he had entry level conduct, as reason for discharge. A person up above said they got into ocs with re4. I want to know the truth, is it really possible for someone with re4 to get back in without appealing/upgrading? My friend says if I can find him a recruiter to do the paperwork, that he'll join any branch of service. you can email me at: irishphoenix@rocketmail.com if you find someone in nova or dc area.

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