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What can I send my son in Marine boot camp? I understand I have to send enough for everyone in his platoon.?
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What can I send my son in Marine boot camp? I understand I have to send enough for everyone in his platoon.?

I can send energy bars, what about granola bars? I can send powdered gatorade drink mix, what about lemonade mix?
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The info/items I mentioned were suggestions from his recruiter. What's the deal...do they try to get him in trouble with his DI?


I send magazines, books, gatorade,too and soap, deodorant, board games (mini versions) and phone call cards!

And, don't forget Playboy magazine. Huba huba. He'll love those treats.

chris b
whatever he wants

Sounds like his drill sgt. made that one up. Most packages from home (food) are permitted but that doesn't mean that Sgts can't get into those goody baskets. I don't think a single recruit in his right mind would deny his Sr. drill an oatmeal rasin cookie. But the more you send the more popular your son may be for a little while. But it all depends on what the drill sgt. at the time decides.

OH yeah send all that stuff!!! he will appreciate it!!! The Drill Instructors encourage (care packages). they will make sure he enjoys every sip.

You don't have to send enough for everyone, but it's nice if you send extra he can share with his buddies. :-)

Mom.................stop! I know you just want to do something nice for your son. He really doesn't need anything right now though, except to loose some laziness, gain some muscle, and learn what it means to be a Marine. No matter what you send or how much he will "pay for it" not with money but with sweat. So, if you must insist send cookies, home made, like chocolate chip, or what ever he likes and yes send enough for everyone. But really he doesn't need it.
Thank god for moms.

Amy S
Don't send anything at all until he says it's okay. If you do, he will definitely pay the price! Once you have permission, what you send and how much you send is entirely up to the DI's. They will tell him what you can send and how much... Don't veer from that. If they say "powdered Gatorade" don't send lemonade. That's not gatorade... again, he'll pay the price.

For really GREAT information on boot and supporting your recruit, go to THE best online resource for everything USMC, and join (free) the RECRUIT MESSAGE BOARDS... the folks there will welcome you into the Marine Corps Family with open arms, and will be able to answer all of your questions thoroughly. Also, you'll likely meet up with parents with sons in your son's Company and/or platoon! Imagine helping them through boot, as they will help you through it... and then meeting them on Family Day and Graduation Day! It's an experience not to be missed!! anyway.. the site is..


Semper Fi! And Welcome to the Marine Corps Family!


well, except letters and postcards. anything else will be confiscated, or he will be made to 'earn' it.. like extra pushups or something.

Please If you love your son only send him letters and pictures. The only thing I would suggest to include in a package is.............hmmm.........I can't think of anything. The DIs will make his life hell if you send him a care package. Please don't do it.

you shouldn't send food. Some of the Recruits are on weight control food rations- they get all they need and with the others eating in front of them it is no help.

Letters are really the only thing he needs while in Boot Camp.

Will Sturgis
A lot of things are contraband in boot camp, except what Mama sends you! But the drill sergeants have a way around that If They figure it out. All I know is don't send homemade cookies. My Mom sent a big batch in a Tin, my Drill Instructor shook them until they were nothing but crumbs. So send something that they can't sabotage! good luck, they're very clever!

Will S

Lady please, if you love your son don't send him anything but letters. He has everything he needs.

USMC 66-69

tarek m
As a coastie, I recommend that you only send him pictures and letters, Im pretty sure all the items that you identified are considered as contraband.

if he's on Parris Island, send him some Skin So Soft for the gnats and a new rear end cause his DI's done chewed the other one off by now...

briang731/ bvincent
You understand wrong. The fact is, whatever you do send, your son is compelled to share it with the rest of the platoon !

These recruits are on a special diet void of sweets and other decadent fare that civilians indulge in. Sending sweets does these people no good. Once their system is without it for a while, they tend to get sick when they are reintroduced to sweets, or high energy type products.

If you are compelled to send your son something, get past it. He has everything he needs as a recruit, and your gesture will only throw down new challenges to someone who's plate is already filled with challenges ! He knows you love him, and that's enough for now !

The items you mentioned will not work ! These people are not allowed to keep or store contraband, and if they're caught with it, the punishment is usually much worse than the crime !

Time out. You shouldn't be sending him anything except letters...nothing really bigger than a standard card size. Is he at PI or SD? My husband went to PI, so that's the only one I can speak about, but your son will get nothing but negative attention from you sending him things. Do not put anything unnecessary on the envelope either. He is not there to "enjoy" any of the things you are considering sending. I don't know if you've talked to him since he left. If you have, and he has given you the ok to send things, then go right ahead. Maybe the "rules" have changed. But if you haven't talked to him, I highly recommend not doing it.

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