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What is the most elite fighting force in the world?
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What is the most elite fighting force in the world?

I am also curious with secret services, the U.S. Secret Service, Kidon in Israeli Mossad and others. What agencies are the most highly trained, is CIA better than Mossad, or is something else the most elite in the world? What branch of the U.S. military is the most elite, marines, delta force?
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is it true that the Secret Service that protects POTUS is the best trained armed guards in the history of the world? they said they were on the West Wing.


the most elite branch in the world as a whole is the marines.

Ken H
rangers are special forces and are the most elite in some cases that serve in the Marines. They are chosen a few out on hundreds. The are the Green Beret in the Army and then the Sea Bees in the Navy. n

Larry W
that could fought over for years, everyone has their opinion

gov. of, by and for corporations

I could tell you but I'd have to kill you. ^_^
for elete of the eliete commando type forces it's generally believed it's israeli or south korean.
for elete in straight fighting power it's generally believed to be the united states having the strongest army as a result of technology coupled with numbers.
straight numbers it's chinese.
doctorine it's german and swiss.
no idea how accurate these are but good luck and have fun.

Every country has its own elite secret service. But not many have deployed their services in real crisis. I am particularly impressed by the British MI4.

LCPL USMC (Lance Cpl Undrground)
As an entire branch, the USMC.

Delta, isn't s fighting force, they're a special ops group that is part of a fighting force.

Chuck Norris

The Australian SAS.

In the world: SAS hands down, as for the branch of the US military, probably the delta force.

Easy...Chuck Norris...duh!

SEALs hands down they are like ghost.

well the british special forces are considered the best because they were the first and are still the most practical and effective and thats why the best special forces in the world are based on the british ones.

delta force, navy seals, british sas/sbs, australian and new zealand sas/sbs, etc are the best in the world
but almost every country has an elite fighting force, and so they have to be good to be called elite.

The most elite CIA or NSA or anyother we will never know about. Delta is probably the best in the Military and comparing Mossad and CIA is too hard because of the different tasks and law that govern them.

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