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What kind of Navy careers are mostly on land?
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What kind of Navy careers are mostly on land?

The Navy site says most of their jobs are on ships. Fair enough, but are there any jobs mostly on land? What about legalmen? It sounds funny for them to be on ships.


K-9 MP that's what my husband is, the only draw back is deployment!

MAA is a for sure thing. Although every ship needs em too. Some ships have one while some of the larger onces have up to 30. Regardless of what branch you join they will do what they want with you. In the Navy you can count that sooner or later youll be on a ship for some bit of time.

MP but you def will be offshore sometimes

military police

I watch J A G on TV.They seem to stay on land just west of Washington,DC . Pensacola Navel Air Station flys from an airport a bit inland.

As has been said almost everything in the Navy will give you a possiblity of being on a ship hence the whole Navy thing. About the only one you can garuntee with is a recruiter. Legalmen is a great call if you want to go Law when you get put but they do have them on the ships. You have to remember when those ships are gone they opperate as a small city. If a spouce wants a divorce the sailor does something dumb in port or on the ship someones got to handle their legal afairs. Honestly sea time is not that hard especailly if you are a single sailor. You get to see parts of the world other never get to sea and you do it all with bounus pay instead of paying for it. Also many rates ae open to split times 6 year contract would equal 3 on 3 off.
Best thing to do is sit down and talk to a recruiter they are your best sorce of info.
Good Luck and God Speed

MAA... Master-at-arms, is leaning heavily toward land-based. also... See-bee... construction. But, if you're really interested in staying on land, I'd join one of the other three....

Rusty Shackleford
there is no such thing. i'm a navy corpsman (a medic for some that don't know, look it up) i've been on ships, shore commands, and with the marines. look at it this way for every navy shore command parallels ALMOST whats on a ship.

Any shore base command.

Yes they have legal personnel on ships also. Most navy tours run like this 2 to 3 years sea duty and 3 or 4 on shore duty. If you dont want to be stuck on a ship dont join the navy

Mr. nice guy
Join the marines

Jerry D
You want to join the Navy but not go to sea.... Talk to a recruiter about the SEABEEs...(Construction Batallion)

Master At Arms are sent to Iraq. My LtCmdr said this.

Wow, most of these people know NOTHING about the Seabees, join the Seabees! You won't be on a ship and that is for sure. Master at Arms do go on ships, even though they also are on land, but Seabees definetly don't go on ships, there is a 95% chance you won't go on a ship. My friend is a Seabee since 1999, he has not been on a ship not even once. It is very RARE that they do. You will be like a soldier building and fighting, and you will get send to Iraq. Seabees TRAIN all the time, they are ready to fight.


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