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Where do I stay? Or where can I stay?
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Where do I stay? Or where can I stay?

I am going down to Port Hueneme to see my husband in about 2 weeks, however, I have no idea where to stay. He says there are places on base I can stay and so far I have only found the Navy Lodge and the Navy Gateway Inn and Suites. I am confused though because the site said I can't stay at the Navy Lodge unless I have a current DoD ID card and decals on my car. Like I won't be admitted onto base without my husband. What does the DoD stand for? I have my dependent military ID card, but I don't have decals on my car. I am confused and would like to find a place on base, if possible to stay for the weekend. Can anyone tell me if I can stay there and what I will need to get on base besides my Military ID?
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I don't have decals cuz I didn't know I could get them. I don't live on base, the closet military base is about a hour away and that's where I got my ID. And Thank you I was pretty darn sure that's what DoD stood for.


2009-04-29 00:48:15 +0000
Why no decals on car??? Another base close to you?? Take your ID card, and car paperwork and get some... Simple enough.
Yes, you can stay at the Navy Lodge, call and reserve the room.
DoD - Department of Defense...
If you don't get stickers before you go, have your husband get them for you while you are visiting, without them you have to simply get a "pass" for your car.
Have him make reservations if possible in person at the Lodge.

2009-04-29 00:51:39 +0000
If you are a DoD spouse with valid ID you will be able to get in. Dependents of active duty servicemembers are holding "current DoD ID cards." The base should have a quarterdeck that can issue temporary day passes for your car. Also, there should be a "pass and decal" station for permanent decals. I'm speaking from Naval Station San Diego, but I'm pretty sure Hueneme does that too. You can call them and find out.

DoD is the Department of Defense.

If you're thinking about staying at a place on base you need to make reservations. Those places book up pretty fast and you'll be out of luck if you just show up!

2009-04-29 00:51:13 +0000
DoD stands for Department of Defense.

To get on post you only need your military ID. If you vehicle isn't tagged you can get on post by making a temporary pass and get your vehicle inspected.

There is usually a Post Inn that you can stay at. go to the Post's Main gate, that should be where you can get your vehicle inspected. You can also ask for an on-post map and where visitor lodging is.

2009-04-29 00:47:11 +0000
DoD means department of defense

all you should need to get on base is your military id card

2009-04-29 00:46:43 +0000
DoD (Department of Defense) ID card is your military ID card. If your vehicle doesn't have decals on it you can get a temporary pass when you go through the gate to enter the base. So you will not have a problem with getting into either lodging.

2009-04-29 00:46:13 +0000
tell them you are some big wig and maybe they will let you in!

2009-04-29 00:46:59 +0000
OMG! your a military wife and you dont know what DOD stands for!!! He should be able to get decals for you...jeez-get in touch with your life!

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