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Which Service Branch Has the best benifits?
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Which Service Branch Has the best benifits?

I am joining the military. I am not sure which branch to join. I am considering the Navy, Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. So far it seems like my Army recruiter is more impressive then the others.

Let me make this clear, by "benefits" I mean money, discounts, health stuff, etc. I don't mean benefits like "trains you better" or "give you a sense of Esprit de corps". I am looking to get the most out of joining the military.

The two MOSs I am considering is Firefighter first, paralegal second, and my last resort is Intelligence.

I know they all have the same pay, I know they all have the Montgomery GI bill. But what does each branch have that the other doesn't?

I want sources listed please. I don't want BS like "Marine Corps is better cause they are more badass".



2009-02-21 17:05:16 +0000
as far as best benefits, it depends more on what job you chose, rather than what branch you join.

for instance, you can join the navy, and become an Intel analysis, and end up going to an army base for your schooling, and the only difference is maybe the people that joined the army got a bonus, and you didn't.

to be honest, as an army recruiter, and being in the army we have all the schools except the branch specific ones so if you pick a job like clerk or paralegal, you will attend you school on an army base.

I know that the Army doesn't offer firefighter as an MOS anymore, so that would be a navy thing.

ask open ended questions like

if i sign up for this branch will the get me a specific job (Air force can't only offers a field, like you can join and want to be an X-ray technician and they will only offer you the medical field so you could be anything in the medical field)

does this job offer a bonus?

can i get choice of duty station?

how long do I have to enlist for this?

do your research, your on the right path, just don't get hasty

2009-02-21 19:16:17 +0000
Air Force.

2009-02-21 16:47:54 +0000
WE have B E N E F I T S !

WTF is " benifits"?

2009-02-21 16:45:30 +0000
All branches get the same benefits. The only difference is that some bases have better clinics than posts. But dependents have a choice to go off base for medical care anyhow.

2009-02-21 16:50:46 +0000
As above almost all benefits are the same because they are through the department of defense, not each individual branch. The only thing that you might look into is getting a signing bonus - those vary a lot from branch to branch. You'll just have to shop around and see what they're offering (probably not much, if anything, in the current recruiting climate)

2009-02-21 17:00:45 +0000
Well if you are considering one of your MOSs to be a firefighter then i would say the navy. Army for the Intelligence side and for parallegal i dont know. I have 2 brothers in the navy an one of them is a firefighter and loves it. If i were you i would join the Navy or Army but if your first choice is to be a firefighter then Navy would be the way to go.

2009-02-21 16:53:58 +0000
Benefits are the same for all branches. For what you are interested in
I would consider the Air Force. The Air Force tends to have better on base facilities , ie , theaters, swimming pools, and other recreational activities , and they don't have much in the way of field exercises.
Good luck..........

2009-02-21 16:55:33 +0000
Army has the best benefits/bonuses/opportunities.

Marines get the worst equipment, hand me downs, dont have their own dept. they fall under Navy which if you like working indoors, the Navy is for you, under neon lights all day. Even their boot camp is indoors. But they do a lot of firefighter training.

Army has more jobs, more opportunities because it is huge and we get latest tech but not the snooty attitude of Chair Force that comes with cool tech.

So when you say say benefits, think also amount of jobs, equipment you work with, and opportunity to do stuff, plus sign on bonus. All that helps you in your career to develop and promote.

A paralegal has a great career ahead in the civilian world or Army. With Jag on your resume you'd be set plus you can always do firefighter on the side for your community.

Intel there is MI, there is PsyOps, and now we got robots and UAVS coming online - drones that open doors, clear rooms, google it. Also google the Army Nano Suit

2009-02-21 17:38:11 +0000
xwiredaw... hit the nail on the head. I was AF for 8 yrs and I worked with and visited bases from the Army, Marines, and Navy. If you want time for school and a family life the AF is by far the best.

2009-02-21 16:53:55 +0000
From an Air Force point of view and experience:

The air force are specialized airmen, meaning that our primary job is our job. For example, if you are a paralegal you are a paralegal and nothing else. The air force encourages going to school and bettering your self so you can perform your job to the fullest. On the other hand, our sister services like the army your MOS may be paralegal, but your primary duty is fighting the frontline (infantry). Their deployements are longer. Plus the air force has the best base facilities like the base exchange and this is not an opinion you can ask any military service and ask who has the best facilities and they will tell you the air force. The air force also gives you time for your education.. Yes other services say that they offer the same beneits, but they don't tell you that you won't have time to take classes because you are in the a foxhole training.

If you plan to get married, the air force is more driven to help your dependents (this is from experience). If you decided to get out and separate Air force jobs are more compatible with the private sector. The air force are technology driven also. there are many differences.

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