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Which is more powerfull, 5.56mm or 7.62mm bullet?
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Which is more powerfull, 5.56mm or 7.62mm bullet?

I Research about guns and ammunitions so my question is, will the M4's 5.56mm bullet be powerful, or the AK 47's 7.62mm bullet?


2009-01-13 04:27:32 +0000
In the hands of a capable individual, this doesn't matter.

However, a 7.62 round has a greater stopping power than a 5.56 round.

2009-01-13 04:27:04 +0000
7.62 is bigger and has a lot more knock down power at close ranges, but has a low muzzle velocity so at longer distances it loses it's punch.

5.56 has a high muzzle velocity and can take out targets at ranges the 7.62 can not, but it lacks the knock the enemy on there *** power that the bigger 7.62 has.

This gives a good explanation of them

2009-01-13 04:27:17 +0000
7.62. Higher Caliber and a much more powerful weapon. 7.62 also fires from the M-60 machine gun. Major damage. 5.56 isn't anything to scoff about. It is also very serious armor but the weapons that fire it don't fire quiet as far.

2009-01-16 22:37:15 +0000
The AK 47 fires the 7.62x39 intermediate carteidge. It propels a 123 grain bullet a 2300 fps, the 5.56 M855 ball fires a 62 grain round at 2900 fps out of an M4. The AK has more knockdown power due to the weight of the round. It has a reputation for putting people down and keeping them there. The 5.56mm is not known to be a manstopper because lack of pure energy transfer. However, I would much rather be hit with an 7.62 Soviet at close range than 5.56. The AK round will tumble once and exit. The 5.56 will start to tumble and if the muzzle velocity is over 2700 it will fragment at the cannelure creating multiple devastating wound channels with a massive amount of blood loss. The M4 is far more accurate than the AK, one reason being is the 5.56 is a better long range cartridge than the 7.62 and the AK is buuilt with very loose tolerances degrading accuracy.

2009-01-13 04:40:30 +0000
7.62 is for sure more powerful

2009-01-13 04:28:31 +0000
The 7.62mm is more powerful, but the 5.56mm has it's redeeming qualities as well.

2009-01-13 04:33:51 +0000
Whoever said a 7.62 loses stopping power at range is kidding themself.

At any distance it has considerably more stopping power then the 5.56!

In fact, their is very little to serperate the velocity of most 762s compared to 556s. 762s traditionally have a longer barrell which results in more powder being exploded within the confines in the barrell which means more pressure which means greater velocity then would otherwise be achieved.

On top of this, 762s have a larger cartridge (obviously) and so, contain significantly greater amounts of powder.

So the correct answer is - the 7.62 has considerably greater knockdown power then a 5.56.

2009-01-13 04:34:07 +0000
A 7.62 round is more powerful. It is a larger slug and has a larger casing ... therefore, more stopping power. The 5.56 is supposed to tumble inside body, effectively causing more internal damage. The 5.56 from an M16 is considerably more accurate then an AK. I cannot attest to the accuracy of the 5.56 from an M4 compared to the AK. It would make sense that the shorter barrel would decrease the accuracy. However, I wouldn't be surprised if its accuracy is more than or equal to the AK due to the AK's mass production and lack of quality control.

2009-01-13 06:42:15 +0000

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