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Who has the toughest military training in the world?
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Who has the toughest military training in the world?


US marines-

US Marine Corps

candi k
ha haa haaaa it depends where you are from, the yanks say yanksville the brits say limesville. does this really have credance?
war is for losers anyway. there are no winners, arrogance makes my skin crawl.... then again i was raised properly, sorry.

the royal marines

British S.A.S. and the S.B.S, both have the most extreme training selection process in the world. Other Special Forces ie American Delta are sometimes sent to train at Hereford and Devon...

Yeah, Andrew4. The USA. Narrowed down, any of the elite groups within all of our branches. Special Forces, Seals, Rangers, SAR Coast Guard, and all others.

briang731/ bvincent
If I had to guess, I'd say it is the Navy Seals, followed by Recon Marines!

U.S., no doubt. Our military is far and away the best trained & equipped.

1. United States Navy Seals
2. United States Marine Corp

I believe that the russian and israeli commandos are incredibly trained. US special forces I.E. Seal and Green Beret, are also very well trained.

British Commandos followed closely by Navy SEALS

The USMC unless you compare it to some small special force units. Actually, you could say the Marines are a special force of the US Navy.

Although the sas and sbs have serious tough training as far as i know its the french foreign legion. Only a madman would join up

Angela M
I imagine that the French Foreign Legion would be right up there. They tell you to forget your past, and don't let you drop out of training.
And for some of the others out there, toughness doesn't necessarily mean successfulness. I am with the other post who mentioned N Korea.

us special forces


British Special Air service. Special Boat Squadron, Royal marine Commando. legion Etranger. British Para. And lagging way behind, U.S Rangers. our Commando units trained them when they reformed, N.Ireland 1942.

the sas would you like to be hung by your thumbs?

The Plastic Soldiers!

tom l
That is subjective, and what you will find is that the training for certain functions in the military is harder than others regardless of the country.

Alpha Male
It's got to be Delta Force.

Delta Force takes special operations personnel from all branches of the U.S. Military. You can not apply to this unit, you are chosen. The bulk comes from Army Special Forces and Marine Force Recon.

Delta Force isn't officially recognized as a U.S. Military component though. Still, everyone knows they exist. It's sort of like having a squad of highly trained combat personnel whom we can send in to take care of business while being able to say "Wasn't us." That's beauty.

clare p
might be the french foreign legion,

If you mean basic training... it will be hard to zero on a single country. That's because of many reasons: some countries are secretive, and most are too proud to give a balanced view. And I'm sorry , no offence if you're American, but Americans are full of it... they think their military is the best because of the equipment that they have. Well... I'd recommend that they look at their current combat record and handling of delicate matters....

If you are talking about special forces, then the British S.A.S are undoubtedly the best. Check out their training regiment and decide for yourself....


If we come over to airforce, I'll have to concede the USAF is the best, both in hardware and software. By that, I mean combat readiness of the fleet, aircraft number and quality, and most important of all: the numbe of hours that pilots put in. No doubt about it.

I think there are two contenders for this, (1) Royal Marine Commandos,and (2) special Air Service (SAS)


Ants in defence of the colony probably.
Some have to work tirelessly from birth, carry weights many times greater than their own, march through valleys of mud for hours, climb great heights etc, all for very little reward.

British forces are the best in the world. I would not like to say who are the toughest. Royal Marines are well hard as well as the Regiment and SBS. US forces are no p***sies but we fight in differently. The British will expect to loose many less fighters that US forces who throw many more at the problem and expect to loose a larger percentage.

Although yes, man for man the SAS (and SBS alongside) are the better trained soldiers than any other army group in the world, even the SAS admit that the toughest bordering on completely and utterly illegal training belongs i think to the Delta Force.

Israel, they are at constant state of war.

Good question. The Toughest (not the best) would probably be some crazy country. Say, North Korea, I have never read anything about their military training but I can bet they are very hard on you. Im sure the US is tough but some have got to be so hard on you that they could kill you.

It seems as though people in the US are very biased in this answer. Nobody knows all of the countrys military training.

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