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Why do US Marines have a reputation for being stupid?
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Why do US Marines have a reputation for being stupid?


Because their job isn't intellectually challenging, they didn't go to college, they yell "oh-rah", and they tend to be the drunkest and most obnoxious people at any bar. They're almost always the same jocks from high school that played linebacker and coasted through class getting C-'s.

Mr Pink
Because every time you flush the toilet, you send a marine out to sea.

Edit 2 There were No repeat No USMC on the Beaches of Normandy the Beaches of Operation Torch or the Beaches in Italy during WW2 but the men that were there Did exactley the same Job as the USMC did In the Pacific

and that is a Fact

end of edit 2

EditI see 5 thumbs down For telling the Truth i was there Must be members of the USMC
end of edit

example USMC T Shirt

Join the USMC Visit Exotic Places meet new people and KILL them

a group of USMC arrived from Vietnam on R&R to Australia

and could Not understand why i complained and they ordered to remove the Offending T shirt or return to Vietnam

How rude

Note I have Never and Never will Be afraid of Big headed Little Boys with No manners

and like all of the US military they have never done anything for me

on the similar Flight a USMC lieutenant ordered me to pick up his bags and i replied what did your last slave die of carry Your own bags

He ordered 2 USMC members to Arrest me and when i fell over Laughing

i informed this Stupid little Boy that an Australian Military Member does not take Orders from any foreign Officer unless appointed by the Australian Government

so i said Son apologise Or return to Vietnam without any R&R

it took an order from an American major before he Did

Note During My 38 years i worked With the USAF in Germany the USAF and US army in the UK and with US forces involved in Vietnam and only had trouble with the USMC

No, it is the Police who acted Stupidly .. (According to BHO)



what are you talking about? they are the most elite.

no, usmc stands for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children
and the army has more paratroopers and pilots than the marines
and the Rangers are a prime example of what the marines SHOULD be
the army has more snipers,sappers,and tanks
not to mention the army special forces(green berets)
and not all marines are infantry
and my question is this:
if the marines say,"one shot, one kill"
why then do they use machine guns?
why is it every time the army gets a new toy the marines think they've got to have it?
furthermore why do they call themselves america's shocktroops
when the cia and army are always the first in and last out?
if they're better why dont they stay in the combat zones for longer than 6 months why does the army have to stay for a whole year on a combat tour?
if they are so great then why does the government allow seal team six(200-300men) more ammo for training than the entire marine corps?
like i said the army has more special soldiers than the marines have in their entire corps
now i know alot of marines and their ncos seem alright for the most part but their officers are retarded
just read about their exploits in iraq you'll see what i mean
but i was born and raised army if you couldnt tell
and in my opinion they do it right and the marines should learn a thing or two about land warfare
and whoever said infantry is the modern vanguard was wrong
unconventional military personel are the new vanguard
such as the green berets,delta force,seal team six,army intel,and of course the cia
but id rather serve with american marines than french or russian soldiers any day of the week
all the military branches have good people and bad people
and by the way its "ooh-rah" not "oh-rah"

There is no such reputation.
Marines learn to fight & take orders.
The orders are based on love of country.
Love is based on doing something self-less for others.
The empty mind does what's asked.
The term "Jarheads" comes from this, because the mind is empty of all but the acts & sacrifice for best performance in order to take it, to win, and to protect one's mates.
These acts are from love of country not stupidity.
The stupid never know love of that kind.
Marines wait, may look dumb while waiting, but they are ready to go.

Because the level of training and discipline required has the majority of marines running around like a trained bull dog with a stick up its butt.

What makes ya think that the U.S. Marines are stupid Pvt Miller?

They all have names for each other. Like the one guy said. Army is known as "Bullet Sponges". It's something for them to say to each other I guess. Marines are just a lot more arrogant I think. but then again so are most of the pilots for the Navy. but usually Marines are hotter! ;)

They don't.........people who ask stupid questions have a reputation for being stupid though....
I have worked along side of every branch of the service......every one is different, and they are all heroes to me.....I am Army, and I don't sit around and compare who is better and all that other stuff........we are all Americans, and that is what counts, I am so sick of seeing all this bashing of all the different branches of service...we all need to work together to defeat the real enemy...all this bashing is some middle school crap........PVT Miller. I hope this answers your question, now go clean your weapon.

alexander m
its an interservice joke that is somewhat true. like how all air force guys are lazy and spoiled...oh wait that is true.

Bj N
People think that because we are the most feared military on the Planet and the that is undisputed.. that we are all stupid. There are stupid Marines just like there are stupid people in the world. Just like there are stupid people in the Army, Navy and Air Force. Marines we speak our minds and a lot of people do not like that and we have no regrets unlike other branches.

What is really funny is that the Blue Angles. The Navy's top pilots are make up of 85% Marine piolts. What does that tell you. The Navy is the most expencive taxi in the world. Name one war or battle that the Navy won by themselves?

It's like how the Navy has a rep for being sissie's. It's not true, it's just what people say to make fun of each other. Yes, there are some stupid Marines, then there are some really smart ones.

Actually it's harder to join the Marines then the Army. The USMC is way stricter on who is allowed in the corps then the Army who will take almost anyone.

i would love to see you ask this question at a bar.. ,please if you do youtube it and post a link.

Shot Slinger
we dont have a reputation for being stupid. we have a reputation for doing what none but us can do. sometimes you need someone who relies more on physical and mental toughness. not educational prowess. we are that someone.

so congratulations air force guy with your desk job and your A+ average in calculus. i will take being a Marine and getting a D in algebra but being able to walk 26 miles with the weight of all YOUR world of warcraft books on my back. and your 3.7 gpa wont help you stay on a rope on the side of a helicopter. calculus never saved my life.

being strong mentally and physically helps me every day. and we are some of the most mentally tough people that you will ever come across. true Marines. not the goofballs that want the uniform so they can get girls. im talking about the guys that have the blood of chesty puller running through them anytime they put on a uniform.

i leave you with 2 quotes:

"some people go through life wondering if they have ever made a difference. Marines dont have that problem." - former US President Ronald Reagan

Why am i a Marine? because NO MARINE EVER said that the other services were too hard. - me

ask yourself... how many people went in the army because they didnt have the sack to make it as a Marine? how many sailors wanted the glory but couldnt knuckle up for it? why can a Marine go into any service without going through their basic training, yet if your in the army or navy, it doesnt matter you still go through boot camp before we give you our title.

why? because you have to earn being a Marine. it isnt handed out like some grenade thrwoing ribbon. and we dont need to go to your basic training because your instructors cant do anything to us that hasnt already been done.

Semper Fidelis
Parris Island class of 1994

Marines for the most part are a bunch of sisses...and they know it

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