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Why does America pretend to care about it's soldiers?
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Why does America pretend to care about it's soldiers?

Americans couldn't care less than it already does about it's soldiers. The only group that cares less is America's own government who not only fails to supply them well, but fails to care for them as veterans. Ask yourself why America took 60 years to build a WW2 memorial for it's vets AFTER most of them were dead.
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Some people can say they care...but that's just talk. As I wrote...the US build the WW2 memorial after most of the soldiers died. Simply..the US DOES NOT CARE about it's soldiers. Many other civilised countries have done far far more for their own. But Americans always make themselves feel better by looking at poor and evil countries to compare themselves to.


Because it's patriotic! Ha, ha..ha.... Because usually wars are fought by people who believe in the cause. However now it is about free college, seeing the world, and even prestige. Now U.S. soldiers fight for corporations, not for the country.

And as far as the 9-11 crap, terrorists don't have a country, so there is no reason to invade a country. NOBODY KNOWS WHERE THEY ARE, BECAUSE THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!

and why shouldn't it???

With the broad term of "America" you have included me! I for one do care deeply about our service personnel. It is the US government under the Bush leadership that sacrafices our service personnel in such a manner.

If you care for our troops, if you want to honor their service, join the effort to impeach and imprison Bush and his business cronies.

Americans are selfish creatures.

I reported the other guy, not because of the word he used but because I have suffered these cons harrassing my dissent against this nation as well.
Regarding your question I would say that you are right. The majority of care for veterans is superficial and mopre an american social politeness. In all honesty most do not care at all. I being a former Navy and Marine enlisted man used to care but on the maltreatment I recieved from authorities and VA, I am contrary, in fact I wholeheartedly pray for the insurgents and Al Qaeda against my nation, I pray only for naive American soldiers, those that our evil government decieved like myself, I pray for the ones that open their eyes and see they are fighting on the side of evil and refuse to fight, I pray for my sisters son a marine but otherwise I pray the Insurgents score strikes and wins against our troops.
If we were fighting a righteous war, one we had good cause to fight, I would defend them, but we are not, we are fighting a war I prayed as a curse on America, I am The Beast and do these things, so I do not support it, or them, they have not learned the lessons Christ taught.

It makes them feel good to say they support their troops in front of people and to have them cheer at you.

Rephrase your question to; why do Democrats pretend to care about the soldeirs. Theyre the ones leaving them in the middle of the desert w/ no supplies (ie cutting of money)

Brian S
Democrats have never supported our troops or any wars we have been in exept the Civil War and the only reason they wanted that war is because the ran the south and didnt want to free slaves.

GiR 2.0
STFU. America really really cares for its soldiers. People were fired from a military base because they couldn't help our wounded. We want our troops to come home. We don't need another WWII. I think that your problem is the fact of how the Executive branch of government is taking this. You don't hear anything from Sgt. Cookoo Bananas (a.k.a Mr. Bush) regarding the death of troops or the army base that was poorly kept. Other than that, the nation has been taking extreme procautions on other military bases.
I think YOU pretend to care about our troops. It's your fault we have protestors out there protesting our prescence. I know it sound bad in Iraq, but here in San Antonio, I've been listening to someone live in FALLUJAH who's been saying that the war is going better than the media says it is.
We care about our troops. You don't.

All the americans do Care!! it is George Bush who does not care. about the Troops that are putting their lives on the line for those crazy People in Iraq!!

Speak for yourself.

James M
Yawhoagin, or whatever your name is, how dare you call yourself an american. If i had my way, i would drop you off in baghdad myself. You pray that your own military loses and are killed. I have lost friends there, and can only hope if we get hit again on our soil, that you are in the building as it falls.

To the one who asked the question, what country are you from, might i ask? On a previous question you stated that civilized countries are better than america, what countries are you speaking of.

I am a prior service member and a veteran I DO CARE about our soldiers. We do NOT need war memorials to remember what we have done when most of us trying to forget. 1 voice does not speak for all Americans. And if you don't like what iI have said remember the ones that you did bash GAVE YOU THAT RIGHT !IT'S CALLED FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND YOU ARE WELCOME!!!! and besides thats your opinion, not a fact...idiot

I think you need to pull your head out of your butt and stop
listening to LIES!!

That is not true. I think Most Americans care about their soldiers. What we are angry about is the way our government has put the ives of soldiers at risk for stupid reasons (like oil).

Kye H
It's funny. All these caring Americans, like the one asking this question Probably never served a day.

I too am a Viet Nam Vet and guess what I got spit on too, down town San Francisco, by one of these troop loving but war hating liberal wackos.

I personally think the "Wall" is a waste of money. My Dad was a Marine in the South Pacific, and survived Iwo Jima. He could care less about a memorial.

I am service-connected at 100%.
I use the James Haley VA Hospital in Tampa, FL.

I have received nothing but the best and most courteous treatment possible.

This hospital was built in 1992, I believe. It is very, very clean and modern. It has some of the latest most up to date equipment available. It is attached to the USF Medical department. I firmly believe for the most part you get treated like you treat as far as service goes. Most of the time if you get mad and are never satisfied, it is because you have been too obnoxious to help.

There are exceptions, like this thing at Walter Reed, but when it came to light it was handled very fast and efficiently.

By the way. The VA just settled on land for a VA Hospital in Orlando, FL. It will be a half billion dollar facility. It will house the latest state of the art equipment and personnel.

But the government doesn't care of help our Vets?

Pete W
I believe that the vast majority of Americans want nothing but the best for their soldiers. Occasionally oversights occur, some things get past us as fallible human beings. But a caring public recognizes many of these things and alerts gov't officials, media, etc., in order to get the conditions rectified. American is a caring, thoughtful, nurturing community, as a whole, and we should all be thankful for being here.

Sharon L
It would be kind of hard for me not to care about our soldiers when my husband, my son, and my step-son are in the military.

Please, when my husband gets home from Iraq come and ask him this so I can watch him kick your a ss!!!

Magority do care, The new Congress and House does not, but the Democrats already showed the are against America.

Someone stated Putting them at risk over Oil. If you would investgate you would know the War in Iraq is not over Oil. But you just been listening to the Dems to much all. Your beginning to bleive their Lies. But if that Lie was true, it's better than sending them to a place where we have 0 Interest in Like Clinton did.

Anthony M
Which helped WWII veterans more, the GI Bill which paid for any vet to get a free college education or a memeorial built for tourist to look at?

War memorials are funded by private donations with the land SOMETIMES provided without cost.

I say a nation that gave college scholarships to young veterans to build better lives for themselves cares for those brave young men.

A marble statue might make the vet feel better but ultimately makes little real difference in that vet's life.

tnedutsmp .rM
I'm a Viet Nam Vet,,,,,,and when I came back,,the first american I met spit on me ,,,,,,,,,,stupid boy Didn't he know that 24 hrs. before I was in a fire fight with bulets flying all around,,,,VETs suport VETs,now and forever.............

Politically Wrong
I'm thinking it is the cowards that stay home and hide, and profess that they care are the real culprits. A simple but poignant saying came of the VietNam era..
If you weren't there.....Shut the **** up!!!
The ones that care for the vets are the ones that support the cause...By bashing the Commander in Chief and his administration, along with crying that we are losing, you are only ruining the morale of our troops. It is you and your Liberal Traitors, that don't care about them, you only care about your Liberal Issues....
We are the best equipped military on earth. When I was in we walked everywhere with a cotton shirt to protect me. My steel helmet was my only armor.
As for VA Care, myself and my Marine Veteran son get the best care anywhere.
You need to stop reading papers and watching CNN, FOX and the other Liberal Traitors.
We don't need Memorials...we know we have done what we were sent to do. Memorials are for the guilt ridden, to ease their guilt that they didn't serve .

Gunny Bill
A lot of Americans do care. That's why politicians have to pretend to care or they won't get elected. Problem is that politicians aren't all truthful and once elected forget what they promised or said while on the campaign trail.

Not all Americans are like Hanoi Jane and Hillary Clinton. Dedicating a memorial to our enemies - North Vietnam. While saying how much they support the US troops.

We do care. You either do, or you don't. The only cowards that don't are the people like you. Anybody who doesn't care about our soldiers are probably to chicken **** to admit it because they know they will be bashed because they also know that 95% of Americans do care about our soldiers. The only time you people will actually come out an say it is on the Internet because we have no clue where you live or who you are...so why would it matter anyway if you were bashed? It wouldn't. This isn't the first time we've seen you people. The only time it would matter to you is if you stood on the street at a Welcome Home Soldiers parade and shouted no one cares about our soldiers because you know you'd probably get your *** kicked. I don't think that's ever happened. I don't know why it took us that long to build the memorial. To me, and I'm sure most Americans really don't care. We know what those 16 million people who served for our country did for us in WWII. We don't need a memorial to remind us. Sure it's nice to have...but I'm not gonna complain about how long it took them to build it.

how can you say the US dont care about their soldiers. WE are the US, the people, all the citizens in america! the soldiers caring for each other and their families and the citizens of america make up for all of this! We as america care for OUR troops and support them and give them the gratitude they DESERVE! The US is behind our troops all the no matter what! thats it!

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