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Why does Anerica get to have nuclear weapons while other countries have to disarm?
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Why does Anerica get to have nuclear weapons while other countries have to disarm?


good question. because the us is a big fat bully that wants all others to be afraid. they can't do that if every nation has weapons of their own. the powerful nations oppress all the other insignificant ones. how afraid would the us be if iraq did have nukes? how are they going to feel if iran has them or if north korea was successful in making them. can anybody say, fear??? oh yea, does anyone else in america have nukes? like canada or mexico or any of the nations in central and south america? or is the us the only american country with them???thanks lots....

One World "policeman" enough, don't you think?

We don't. We disarmed years ago.
Yeah, right. Just like other countries really disarm too.
We all have them. If a country can make them, they have them stashed somewhere.

Lay Vicheka
Because America wants to be the "sole" and "unique" super power in this world. Of course it wants the nuclear alone, becasue it does not have other match or wars. It is like you demand first class in your class.

pwone mwahu
I don't know exactly what makes it ethical for us to have nuclear weapons. Maybe it is not ethical. However, I would be scared to death if we were to give up our power, and probably so would the rest of you. God Bless America! Oh woops, did I say God?

Snap J
because we somehow get the idea that other countries would prove less than stable holding a weapon like that.


Knowledge is power.

Are you nuts, we made the damn thing, of course, we get to keep it.

Mikael Assiro
its america not anerica and all usa politicians are the same they want control over the world ...... if iran has nuclear bombs and they decide to back up countries such as palestine saudi arbia egypt yemen and etc by helpin them make nuclear weapons then how would usa deal with that??????they wouldnt be able to, just like with russia and china...i hope all muslim counties in africa and middle east turn into one and protect themselves from every1 and turn themselves into a power....

somebody ask Bush. please. i'd like to see him come up with an answer. on the spot, for that question. no writers, no P.R. guys, just him, the spotlight and 50 million americans watching.

Cyrill sneer
World powers need to protect themselves due to the impact they have over other countries. If every country in the world would disarm then it would be fair but seeing as that will NEVER happen it appears that only those nations which already possess the bomb regulate exactly who gets to have.

How about the question as to why was there was no objection for Israel to get the bomb (apparantly they have it, despite the fact that they dont declare it publicly)--- recently the israeli nation has shown the world that they can be the aggressor.

Because most americans won't strap a nuclear device to their chest, walk into a church or a shopping mall filled with women and children and detonate it all in the name of their imaginary friend.

Actually, there are four other countries allowed to own nuclear weapons besides the USA, including the UK, France and Russia. I think the other one is China. All the fuss is about weapons falling into the "wrong" hands.

Because we are they only country in the world that knows how to use nuclear weapons.

kitty fresh & hissin' crew
Because we know the damage they can do, especially if they are in the wrong hands.

Because we are the good guys. OMG what are they teaching you in school? The next world war is coming, so fix your head young ones!

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