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Why does the Army now charge our guys for meals in the mess halls?
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Why does the Army now charge our guys for meals in the mess halls?

I have a friend at Ft Hood Texas.Weather he eats in the mess hall or not they take 200.00 per month out for meals.Is this our "New Army"?If we can feed every country in the world why do our guys have to pay for meals while they are protecting us?
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My gripe was FOR our guys.I may not be Army but I do work for the military and MY food is free.I think the people who use this area to bash someone for asking a question that wants real understanding to a question is a little over the top. My support for our troops is first and foremost(that was why I was upset).I've been to Kuwait 3 times,so get a life and understand I can ask why our troops have to pay for food,when every person that crosses our borders get free everything and not our Armed Forces,who put their life on the line for us every day.That's what freedom is,the right to ask!


2008-06-28 20:53:54 +0000
If you are single, you get a meal card.
If you are married you can draw separate rations.
If you are deployed and they serve chow, you will lose your separate rations, eat them or not.

BTW, Air Force chow was worth the money.
The Army does not call it a "mess hall" for no good reason.

2008-06-28 21:16:52 +0000

2008-06-28 20:53:30 +0000
they have been doing that for a long time.... and yes it is unfair that they take it out wether or not they eat there...

army food aint that bad granted it aint the greatest but hey its the same thing with them having to pay taxes.... they pay for part their own paychecks - how great is that

2008-06-28 21:05:00 +0000
this is not a new thing, let me explain this to you. single soldiers get a meal card, married soldiers have separate rations. Think of the meal card as an insurance policy. The military has always been under the watchful eye of liberals ready to complain about anything, for example, saying soldiers are not being fed, well by issuing a meal card, the soldier has the opportunity to get food and nobody gets screwed.

2008-06-28 20:51:33 +0000
theyve been doin that BS to the AF folks too----it sux, and I cant imagine being forced to pay for Army chow!....ewww--damn!

2008-06-28 20:58:16 +0000
It's always been like that. (I was in back in 1969) they assume you will eat at he mess hall and charge you if you eat there or not.

2008-06-28 21:01:06 +0000
weather? as in hot or cold?
The military has Dining Facilities now, not mess halls,
run by civilians!

he probably has a meal card and lives in the barracks!

$200.00 per month ? I don't think so!

2008-06-29 03:53:32 +0000
The only time you have to pay for meals,

Is when you are collecting BAS.

Now why would they pay you $289.00 in BAS for food.

Then give you free meals ?

That doesn't make alot of sense.

2008-06-28 21:27:01 +0000
they made us to do that. i wouldnt eat any of the food (i have special dietary restriction which they refuse to accomodate since it was by ethical choice and not for health/religious reasons) so i ended up buying my own food from the grocery store outside of base AND they would take away my BAS saying that since food was provided for me and but since i choose to buy my own food its "not their problem"

2008-06-28 21:04:38 +0000
i myself am in the army, and we used 2 get charged for it at the start of the month and pay it off in a oner and then be allowed to eat as much as we want! but now they fink its unfair on the people that go home every wknd so we have to "pay as we dine" and get poor portions, and every1 moans about it but nuffin gets done!!!!!

2008-06-28 20:54:04 +0000
congress has been beetching that the army was operating in the red.

also the budget has gotten very bad and strained due to a long war.

2008-06-28 22:41:02 +0000
Okay first of all, your buddy needs to get his story straight. See on his LES there should be a entitlement. Below his base pay, and BAH (if he's living off post) should be BAS (Basic Allowance for Substinance). If he didn't eat in the DINING FACILITY (DFAC), depending on his rank, his number of dependents, etc. he would receive BAS. Because he's eating in the DFAC, he loses this "extra" entitlement. The arguing about how good the food is or isn't is ridiculous. He is still receiving his regular base pay. For instance, my base pay is 1214.00(ish) every two weeks. I also get an additional 682.00/month for housing (BAH) (this amount depends on where you are stationed) plus 279.00/month for food because I am living off post and not eating at the DFAC. The per month amounts are divided into two and then one half is given with my first check and the second half is given with my second monthly check. So as far as I'm concerned, if all he's losing is 200.00 a month (which is about how much he'd spend on groceries a month anyway not to mention that this wasn't always an option when it came to military pay so shut up and don't take it for granted) he should quit complaining. If he really isn't eating at the DFAC he needs to bring up the fact that he's missing his BAS to his pay person in his human resources section.

Now that I've got that one of out my way...I've got some other words for you. I'm assuming you're not in the military. So let me ask you this...do you like your ability to "sound off" about the "New Army"? I'm guessing so considering you did it on the nationwide web. Well let me tell you something...you have the right to sound off about the military because of the way it's run. We soldiers may not always like what we do (your friends complaints I'm sure are limitless and are also proof that just because we're in the military doesn't mean we love every aspect of it) but we do it because someone has to. People like you would rather complain about something you have nothing to do with and further more forget that the reason you can complain is because soldiers like your friend and myself have protected your constitutional rights to speak your idiotic word vomit. If you can't support and stand behind your troops, please, feel free to stand in front of us.

I am an exArmy wife. My husband served in the Army for 8 years. We lived off post, and he received what was called BAQ and Seperate Rats (This was in the 90's). Everytime he had to go to the field, they would deduct his seperate rats from his pay the following month and we would almost starve that month. He would save as many MRE's from his time in the field as he could so we could have something to eat the following month. He was allowed to eat in the mess hall anytime he wanted, even when he was not deployed, so he would eat in the mess hall and we would let the kids eat the MRE's. He was an E-4 and we made too much money for food stamps, so we just had to suffer when he had to go to the field. Since he drove for the BC he was in the field quite often at his last duty station which was Fort Sill. We depended on those seperate rats to feed the family. There were a lot of months when our whole apartment complex, which was all military and all deployed to White Sands at the same time, that us women and children would have to survive on PB and J the whole month following a month long deployment. We had PB&J toast for breakfast, PB&J sandwiches for lunch, PB Sandwiches for dinner and Jelly Sandwiches for desert. No joke. It was years after he got out of the military that our oldest son could look at a PB&J sandwich. It makes no sense to take 200.00 (which is what he got in the 90's for seperate rats) away because he had to go to a mandatory deployment. The families still have to eat. I mean, I worked in the civilian sector of the army, and when we were sent for training, we were provided money for meals. Its wrong and unfair that they still do that to our service men and women. I'm just sayin'.

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