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Why is it people believe Jane Fonda killed our troops when it was really the USA Government who did it?
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Why is it people believe Jane Fonda killed our troops when it was really the USA Government who did it?

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Jane Fonda didn't send the troops to Vietnam or Iraq. Blame it on President Johnson, Nixon, Bush.


.o0O O0o.
I've never heard anyone say this. She is a hero for voicing her opinion during a hard time.

♥Pink rain2♥
Jane Fonda is an actress not a murderer.

Jane Fonda's mouth is a WMD.

Your right she didn't SEND them but she didn't do a whole lot to support them either.

No, wait, she must have supported the troops NOT the war! right?

Team Chief
Uh, excuse me, skippy, but I don't recall hearing ANYONE say that Jane Fonda "killed our troops."

I suggest you do a little research before you open your mouth...or are you just trolling to stir up trouble?

I think so.....

Christopher Talener
Another post about Jane. Guess anyone against our military is your hero. Why don't you take your hate out of the military section and go play in politics.

political junkie
Jane Fonda is a moron and a traitor. she should have been barred from re-entering this country or locked up.

the fact that she has the gall to come out AGAIN and make the troops of this country suffer, just shows how little she's learned in 30 years. she really has no brain. she's a traitor, not an actress.

at least the presidents you mentioned didn't go tour the enemy's jail cells where they were holding Americans. and then when the soldiers tried to use them as a messenger run right to the enemy and tell them what the American soldiers had done.

you might think that sh*t is cute, but if it was you in that cell you would have had a different reaction.

John B
I don't think she was accused of "killing" our troops. She just betrayed them to the North Vietnamese.

Sick Puppy
Calm down. Sit in that chair over there and hold your breath for about five minutes.

Mrs Z.
Now you are just showing your stupidity.

Jane Fonda stood face to face with POW's and when they tried to slip her pieces of paper with their SSN numbers on it, she gave it to the officers holding our soldiers. Several soldiers died because of being tortured for trying to get word out that they were alive. If she was any type of American, she'd have kept those numbers, passed them on to a government official, and maybe alot of our POW's wouldve been returned instead of ending up permantly on the MIA list.

As far as I'm concerned, she needs to be put in a cage so she can experience what those soldiers felt.

Fonda is a traitor and a liar. While visiting a North Vietnamese POW camp a few U.S. soldiers gave her letters to send to their loved ones, hopping that as an American she would help them out, instead she gave them to the camp commander as she was leaving. Now what do you think happened to those troops? Im willing to bet they didnt get extra food. Actually I know for a fact they didnt, im related to one of those men.

Same old story. Disagree with the Gov. and pay the price. Now posing with the other side and that is wrong, no matter the Gov.wrong or not.

Alan S
Jane got to visit actual POW's during the war. They entrusted her with messages written on tiny bits of paper. she took them and handed them over to their captors. Most of the men were beaten to death because they trusted her. she committed treason that day and has never been held accountable for it.

Krazee about my pets!
Well its easier to blame someone who is already in the headlines, who is popular and famous instead of those who are entrusted with Americans security, lead our country and hold our best interest in mind.

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