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do alot of Marines propose to their girlfriends when they leave bootcamp?
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do alot of Marines propose to their girlfriends when they leave bootcamp?

I was just wondering if anyone knew because my boyfriend now fiance proposed to me as soon as he came home from bootcamp my friends boyfriend did the same thing when he returned home from bootcamp.
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We have been together for 5 years and I love him with all my heart and I know it is a tough road ahead and I can't wait


maby its something like being stuck in a sasage fest that they realise how important a vag bag is

chris m
yes, it is stupied.

Yes, but that's part of why the divorce rate is so high.

i would be aware if i were you. A serviceman gets more in their paycheck if they have a dependent.

Billy M
Yeah and I think it's great for both of you. You just got to have something to live for when and if all hell breaks lose. You'll love getting the e mails too from him.


I knew guys who wanted to marry girls in order to get housing instead of having to live in the barracks. After boot camp a marine/soldier suddenly realizes that he has a one way ticket to the barracks unless he gets married. I am sure he loves you, but there is probably a few other motivating factors here especially if he is pushing for a quick marriage date. There is a lot of s***t that married guys can get out of that single soldiers can't. I spent many lonely nights cleaning toilets in the barracks while my married friends were in housing with their wives sitting on their asses.

A lot of Marines propose to every girl they meet! LOL, be careful darlin', he'll be off in some remote war zone and there'll be you and six other young ladies pushing baby carriages around in his honor!

But really, Marine boot camp is about the toughest thing a man will ever go through. After completing this many feel they have 'proven' themselves and are ready to go back and claim their lady fair. BEFORE y'all start domesticatin' and he drags you off to someplace far from home you had better look at the money and housing situation real hard. He needs to be at least an E-5 (Sergeant) before he actually has the funding or career stability to even consider a family. And if you like to drink or smoke a little dope, forget it! You are in for a major life change when you marry a Marine. A Marine wife is as important to his career as anything, only more so.
You WILL be left alone for months at a time.
You WILL have to raise any children by yourself.
You WILL NOT have your own life, you will be a subordinate part of his, integral to his success or failure.
You WILL NOT be climbing aboard a gravey-train just sitting back and living in style while the money comes rolling in. At least not for long.
Being a Marine is tough, bad tough. Being a Marine Wife is much tougher. There are no finer women on Earth than truely supportive Marine Wives.
If you are in love with this guy, and if you want to be part of his life forever, and if you're willing to get kicked in the gut and smile about it while getting kicked in the gut again in order to be there for him on those brief occaisions when he can be there for you, then you might just have what it takes.
God bless.

As a current Marine, I remember wanting to propose to my girlfriend after bootcamp. It is very common. Had I married my then-girlfriend, it would have been a disaster as she was getting it on with my former McDonald's manager and had become pregnant with his kid. I'm not implying anything about you, just saying that some guys leave bootcamp and want to rush into something. If he's serious, give it some time. Let him settle in at his new duty station and see how serious he still is. If he's going out every night and partying, then it is likely better that you not marry. Nothing against him either, but after bootcamp, you want to go out have fun. For a lot, that means booze and bimbos. For some, it means a loving woman at home. Give it time to truly find out if you are a good match.

It is better for both of you if you don't rush into marriage. That way, you can at least remain friends if it doesn't work out.

You said you've known him for a long time. Some guys are more affected by bootcamp then others. Wait a little bit and see if he has been changed. Besides, if he's settled in at his new duty station (not his school), then it will be easier for him to help you grow accustomed to military life.

Most men are told to wait to get married to after there first deployment. But boycamp makes boys into men. So maybe now he is ready to step up, and take the next step. I think some do and some don't. It is a mix I think. Good luck and congrats.

Maybe since completing training he is more mature. He now realizes the commitment it takes to be married and knows he can handle it. Or being away from you for 13 weeks was very hard for him. So now he knows he loves you.

Lisa T
I think men/women learn to value relationships more when they are in the service. Also a guy that is being sent away might feel like he needs that promise of a better future to hold onto while he is off fighting for our country.

well wisher
It depends on the marine and his relationship.

they probably know they are going into a war zone.and no matter the time he wants to have a good personal reason for risking his life.
if you accept please,please,please be sure you will not break the engagement if he is.
no matter that you get tired of waiting or you find some guy while he's away don't tell him until he gets home.
i have seen from personal experience what can happen.you are not only endangering his life but his fellow marines.
he has to keep his mind on the task at hand.


lady jewels

My Army hubby proposed to me during his Christmas break from AIT.

I think for some people (me included) them being away brought home to me how much I love him.

Just so you know - hubby and I celebrate 10 years this December.

It all depends on the people getting married. I would agree that most of the marriages end in divorce....but some don't.

Boot camp is a rugged life. Many soldiers just want something like home, family, and civilian comfort from a hard cruel world. Don't jump into anything.

I spent 5 years in the Marines...the girl I was dating all through highschool, waited for me through bootcamp. I changed though and we broke up shortly after I got out.

But, I had buddies that got married shortly after bootcamp...depends on the guy.

Yes. Gives them something to fight for.

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