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how can a mother of 3 children join the airforce?
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how can a mother of 3 children join the airforce?


2010-11-13 05:00:03 +0000
Too many kids also you will have to have a family care plan, if you do get in I hope your man is around

2010-11-13 05:12:12 +0000
If you are a single unwed mother of even 1 child you can not enlist in any of the services. Your best bet is to get married and then join. Here is the list of things that disqualify you, you will see that "parenthood" is the way they list it.


2010-11-13 04:58:15 +0000
wtf, go sign up and see if they take her/you. never hurts to ask. maybe her/you are special!

2010-11-16 03:31:41 +0000
you cant have more than two dependents (even your hubby counts as a dependent). cant enlist at all in air force if you dont have a hubby. sorry but that was the reason i couldn't join and i have a hubby and 2 kids

2010-11-13 05:32:21 +0000
You need to provide more information. Are you single or married? If you're single do you have custody or does somebody else?

If you're single and you have joint or full custody of even one child under the age of 18 you cannot enlist. Some people may say otherwise and use the fact that they know people in the military who are single parents. The problem with that is that they became single parents AFTER they joined. You can't join as a single parent but if you become a single parent while you're already in (have a baby, get a divorce, etc) they'll let you stay in with an approved family care plan.

If you are single and someone else has full custody of your children or you're married then you can apply. You'll need a waiver and the chances of the Air Force giving you a waiver for three kids is pretty low. An Air Force recruiter can give you more information on that. It's much easier to get a waiver for three kids with the Army but we still have the same rules, either you're married or you have no physical custody. Keep in mind that if you are joining as a single parent with no custody you can't just get custody back after training like some people may suggest. You have to wait until the end of your first enlistment, which could be several years depending on the length of your contract and when you are eligible to reenlist.

2010-11-13 05:35:52 +0000
She can't.

1. You can't serve in any active branch as a single parent.

2. Evan if you were married you would need a depency waiver because you have more than 2.
With 4 the chances are about zero.

2010-11-13 13:08:10 +0000
you cannot.

Single parents cannot enlist at all. they may not give up custody just to enlist and they may not regain custody at all dyuring the fiorst term of enlistment

if youare married you have 4 dependnets and that is too many and requires a full credit check/financial eligibilioty determination. waivbers are extremely hard to get. (your spouses civilian income is NOT factored in as it is assumed he will lose that job when you are stationed somewhere)

2010-11-13 05:02:12 +0000
Well you need to go talk to a recruiter and take the ASVAB. They are only accepting people with really high scores right now as well. The one thing that may deter you from any branch is that you have to sign custody of your kids over to a family member until you graduate from all of your schools and are able to take custody again. You might also not see your kids for 3 months or so.

2010-11-16 10:31:07 +0000
you better focus on birth control.

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