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i served 7 years in the army am i entitled to a pension?
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i served 7 years in the army am i entitled to a pension?



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Chemical Sister
i dont think so, you need to be there a lot longer than that i think. 25 years AT LEAST, maybe 30.
and, if you were, they would have told you anyway.

If this is the US Army that you are speaking about, then know. YOu would have to complete a total of 20 years. However, if you were offered a early out or were injured and you have just over 15 years, then yes, you can get a pension.

Northern Lad

Unless you were medically retired, and you would know if you were, no. You are entitled to squat.

James H
No. Sorry.

You need 20 years minimum. Unless you were medically discharged and then your rate a very small percentage. Like you would make more being the head fry guy at McDonalds.

I served six years R.E. and transferred my pension rights to the Police when I transferred to the Reserves (PVR'd). It counted as 2/3rds police service so I didn't need to do 30 years policing.

Yes. Full British Army pension is calculated on 22 years service, payable at age 40 or on completion of 22 years service. You will be entitled to 7/22 of full pension payable at age 65. As a rough calculation based on the lowest rate you would be looking at approx ÂŁ2100 per year. This is assuming you were on AFPS 1975 and not AFPS 2005. There are different arrangements for medical or dishonourable discharge.

I think you have to apply for the pension, it's not awarded automatically. These links should help;



Top Contributor of Contributors
seems like your a moron or are not in the army. either way its 20 years putz

in the british army, if u serve 12 years u get half a pension then its the full 22 years to get full pension....

Pensions in the army are only given to men who have served a minimum of 22 years (And it is taxable)

no you are not. i served exactly seven years myself. you will just be entitled to your state pention.

No! not a cent from the military, your tax contributions would go towards an old age pension if you did not draw social welfare payments for being unemployed afterwards!

no.you only will have paid in to your state pension

You should contat the War House to find out, but I do not think you'll get a pension for seven years service. Much more likely to be available after 20 years. Even then it will not be much.

You do not say when you did your service. If it was between say 1939-1945 then you may be able to get something but what?

for the british army you have to have served atleast 2 years then you are entitled to a pension at 65, however if you serve up to the age of forty or 18 years service which ever the latter you are entitled to a pension when you leave even if you're working elsewhere, and you get a VAT free lump sum bonus- which it is known that many people levae the army for then rejoin again. plus you also receive a state pension at 65.

I am sorry to say No.
In the military its a basically all or nothing deal
20yrs gets you full retirement and benefits
anything less you get nothing.

No, unless you were medically retired, which I'm sure you'd know by now. You do have the right to veterans preference based on the time frame you were in and awards received for Federal Jobs...

Official Cowboys Apologist*
nope,not in the U.S. Army
you have to do at least 20 years. they were gonna start a program where you could retire after 10, but i think it fell through.

No, but if you take a federal job, you will be able to "buy back" your retirement - or be able to claim those years towards your own retirment with that job.

You may be eligible for VA benefits, though.

america first
You already know the answer if you spent 7 years in the military. no ,no ,no

keith d
If you were in the British Army then all servicemen are entitled to a pension after 2 years reckonable service. Its only payable when you reach 65 though.

Paul D
If you served in the British Army, "You will be entitled to pension benefits provided you have at least 2 years’ reckonable service. Your benefits are based on final rank and reckonable service".
The above copied from, Your Pension Scheme Explained, see: http://www.mod.uk/NR/rdonlyres/7CCD0C74-FD9C-4EFC-8645-B444D2BEE3C7/0/AFPS75yourpensionscheme.pdf

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