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my fiance went awol from the army and he got caught. what will they do to him?
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my fiance went awol from the army and he got caught. what will they do to him?

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if they dont give him a dishonorable discharge, then he will just go awol again.. i mean he has other things to worry about.. we have a baby on the way...


Ask george w bush, he was AWOL and also a deserter. Maybe he can tell you what to expect next! Actually he'll most likely receive an Administrative Discharge which is one of five possible discharges. He can still receive eligibility and entitlement for VA benefits with that type of discharge,and he can also fill a federal government job opening under that type of discharge! These people that are telling you that he'll go to prison are talking through their hat or the other end! They don't want to have to spend funds to keep him in prison when they don't have to! Most of these people offering answers have no idea what is supposed to happen, yet they feel free to tell complete fabrications to you and others! Don't listen to them, it's not the end of the world to receive an Administrative Discharge!

I seriously hope that he does not AWOL on You and the baby.

Good luck!!!

Barry auh2o
Is going awol the way he treats his committment to the Army???
I'l bet he goes Awol from you in less than two years,if that's the best way he can handle responsibility.

Red 7
AWOL during war time is serious. It is serious during peace time too but the penalties and punishment usually are not as severe. Having a baby is not justification to be absent without leave. It sounds like your boy friend is very young and has a lot on his mind. His chain of command and others in the military can provide professional counseling to assist him with his problems.

He could face a military trial and receive a conviction. If this happens, he could face time in prison and which case he will not be home with the baby. For sure he will receive a loss of rank and forfeit some or all pay and allowances. The good side to all of this, he could tell his commander that he made a dumb and immature decision to go AWOL and regrets it and wants to stay in the military. Now, how long was he AWOL? Plus the fact he was caught and did not return to his unit on his own could play a very big part in the outcome. If he tries real hard and gets support from his commander, then he could face a smaller penalty and no discharge, plus be allowed to stay in the service. In the service, he could provide your baby with medical coverage and some financial assistance with raising the baby. Most of the time, the commander will not recommend a guy for trial. Usually it is an administrative discharge which is not honorable or the commander will take action under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. However, a soldier with a bad attitude and resisting the normal procedures and policies will face stiffer actions such as the trial. There is long term fall out from this besides the confinement time; it will follow him around for years, just having a dishonorable discharge. If I was you, be prepared for him to spend some time in confinement since he did not return to his unit on his own. He will not be able to provide you financial assistance or assist with any medical coverage for the baby. Is this the type of father you want for your child? Do you want a ex con as the role model for your child? What kind of good example will this be for your child? I suggest you put a foot in your boy friend’s backside for being such a dummy.

he is under military arrest and without a doubt going to jail....he shoulda just waited the rest of his term but nooooooooooooo

Brandon C
No doubt you realize already that if he runs away from the Army, he'll eventually run away from you.

Here's how it works.

If he was gone for less than 30 days, he'll get at most 30 days in jail and a reduction in rank.

More than 30 days...it gets sticky. He wouldn't be in jail for much more than a year though. However, each day he's gone is added to his ETS date. Nice, eh?

Another you need to ask yourself as a soon to be mom is if you like living on the run. Like Bonnie and Clyde. It'll probably get old after about a month.

If he receives what he should, and hopefully he will, you'll be able to visit him at the Leavenworth Prison, in Leavenworth, Kansas.

If he does get a dishonorable, he won't get his GI Bill benefits, can't get Federal (and in some places State jobs), may not qualify for other government benefits, can't legally own a gun or work around them...

Yeah, not too much fun.

Worrying about the baby equals reporting for duty on time! What kind of job with benefits will he get with a dishonorable discharge? If he just goes AWOL again will he be going job hunting, that won't do any good either?

You best tell him to call the ole' 1st SGT and start kissin' major A$$. Tell him to say in his confusion he acted like a moron and not a man, and if it takes the rest of his enlistment to prove he is a good solider he will do it. He will have the dullest toothbrush, but the battalion Will have the whitest commodes! Amen.

But he would just let the Top down.

big e
it depends. if his commander reported him as a deserter then he can get military and civilian punishment. otherwise he will be on restriction and possibly extra duty for a long time.

extra duty, strip him of his rank, jail for a month or so, and then after all that, they will kick him out of the army...dishonorable discharge.

They will return him to his old unit. There he will either get an Article 15 or a courtmartial.

Administrative discharge.

sure if he wants to ruin his life he can go AWOL again. those things follow you forever.. he will be hard pressed to get a decent job. How does he expect top provide for his child working at Mickey D's all his life? what about when he is caught and JAILED? getting an OTH or worse discharge means no federal loans to buy a house or for college.

he signed a contract. he needs to grow up and take responsibility for himself his actions and his child's future.

I'm not exactly sure how it works with the Army but my husband is in the Navy and he told me if a Navy member did that then when/if he came back he would have to stay on the ship or submarine Which ever is his command for a long time( depending on how long the service member took off for.
Good Luck
I hope you find your answer

Navy Sailor - GAI
What an idiot. How is he going to be able to support you and the baby without the Army. You better pray they don't kick him out. If they kick him out they will give him an Under Other Than Honorable discharge with that he will lose all his VA benefits including his GI Bill. He will never be able to get any kind of real job ever again. He will also never be able to get any kind of government or government contract job, this includes McDonald's and Pizza Hut for your information. What kind of job is left that will support you guys. He needs to grow up and act like a man and stick with the Army to take care of you guys. Do you have great job skills. Do you have great medical insurance for the baby or is it a welfare baby? Food stamps and welfare are in your future unless he mans up and get his crap together. He can support you just fine with the Army. If you get married you guys can all live together just like any other job. What is his problem? What is your problem. Support him growing up so all of you can be taken care of.

Unrepentant Fenian Bastard
It depends on many factors.

But the bottom line is that they can separate him administratively, court-martial his sorry *** or give him an Article 15, take his rank, and send him back to his unit.

I have seen all three options actually exercised.

Colin M
It depends really, I heard of people just showing up at a Post reporting in and outprocessing the army with dishonerable discharge. Now if he went AWOL while his unit was deployed you are in for a real hard time. GL to you.

Other things to worry about. Are you kidding me? Do you know how many military members at any given time have a baby on the way. I hope he does get the most severe punishment and then get kicked out. Our military does not need losers like that. And if you think you are going to receive anything close to the benefits the military provides as a civilian, you're out of your mind.

well that was stupid, cuz if you got married his insurance would cover you and the baby. if he gets kicked out, you are going to be hurting for money. also stressing out isnt good for you or the baby........good luck to you.

he has a baby on the way and he goes awol. how smart. his next mailing address will be at a place in kansas called fort leavenworth. but that depends on how the army wants to punish him. they have several options- 3 days or less: confinement for 1 month, forfeiture of two-thirds pay for 1 month; for more than 3 days but less than 30 days: confinement for 6 months, forfeiture of two-thirds pay for 6 months; more than 30 days: dishonorable discharge, forfeiture of all pay an d allowances, confinement for 1 year; 30 or more days and terminated by apprehension: dishonorable discharge, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, confinement for 18 months. article 86- manual for courts-martial, pg IV-12, para. 10(e-2a-d).

All you people that judge will at one point be judged every has something in there life they have to deal with he will eventually get it together. Sometimes the military is not the best corse for some people. Here is the deal you will receive a other than honorable discharge depending on time you served 120 days active duty you will receive some va benefits and you will be able to get loans and a job no gi bill

All of u need to shut up. I'm a PFC and see a assload of people go AWOL from my unit all the time. I would never do it but don't take personal offence when others do even though I'm airborne 11b(somtimes people commit suicide or go literally stir crazy AWOL is a better option to that ) AWOL is less seen as a crime these days cuz of all the special cases, mental health, and variables that cause good soldiers to go AWOL. He will provly get a general under honorable conditions if he even gets chaptered out And I doubt he will. Depends in the commands decision. Either way it takes joining the military to find u are adverse to foriegn policy that u thought ud support with ur own blood sometimes. AWOL is a wrong action but it's not a crime. Chill out read the regs and ull see these people are just over encumbering hot tempered bunch of Dip spitting smokin GIs. Go get ur legal advice from TDS or the opposite of jag equivalent in your branch.

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