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Questions about jail?
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Questions about jail?

Hi! I'm a 24 year old female and I'm being sentenced next week to anywhere from 6 months to 2 years in prison. I'm not getting productive answers on my first question so I'll ask again. Will i be put in chains (waist chain, leg irons, etc.) from court to jail? When I'm stip searched, what exactly is the procedure? I'm very modest and i can't imagine having to strip in front of strangers. What will i wear?I was always a good girl until recently i got into a little trouble and now i'm really scared, so any help is appreciated.
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also what is the procedure for hair? will i be allowed to keep my hair clips/ties


Joe SixPack
Unless you are violent, there will be no chains or leg irons.
You may have to undress and be searched for concealed weapons or contraband at some point.

No you won't be put in chains or leg irons unless you committed a violent crime. Second, depending on your previous record, you'll probably be allowed to go home to get your affairs in order while under bond and given a date to report to the county sheriff's department to surrender. After the sheriff takes custody you will processed under the states Dept. of Corrections guidelines and you will be searched by a female officer, either in private or along with other incoming inmates. Anything you have on your person will be taken from you and inventoried and you will be given a receipt which you can keep with you or give to someone you trust (friend or family member). I would suggest not wearing anything of value when reporting for incarceration so if somehow your property gets lost, you really haven't lost anything.

no they put handcuffs on you thats it no shackles
and after that they will take you in a room tell you to take off you clothing and tell to squat and colf and they will give you a jail outfit thats it

Okay. Its hard to say what kind of restraints that you will be placed in. The deterrmination is based on the policy and procedures for the jail. More than likely you will be placed in handcuffs (the least amount of control) Again, it all depends on procedure and how you act. The other issue you asked about is the strip search. Again, this is determined by the procdeure of the jail. I will tell you that if you are confined to the secure institution you will be strip searched. I can tell you that the people who perform the strip searches are only interested in making sure that contraband does not enter the facility and have done many of them before you. If you go to jail, get used to it. If you have contact visits, go out for court, or if you are suspected of concealing contraband you will be searched. In the institution, you will be issued clothing; including bra, underwear, pants, shirts, and any other garments that you need. As for hair items, most prisons will have hair items to buy and will not let you bring personal items in. If it is a jail, they will more than likely issue you these items.

i don't know i never been in jail

Robert G
This is what happens. After the Judge sentences you. You are led out of the Court Room and down to a holding cell called a Bullpen with several other people waiting to be transported to whatever facility that they will be going to.
Not know your city or state I cant tell you much but this is what I know.

Once the bus shows up you are handcuffed to another inmate. For the bus ride. Once at the facility your intake process begins. You get photographed for an ID and give an inmate number. Fingerprinted. Then take for a physical and blood work. While this is going on they're deciding where to house you. Once your finished with the infirmary they take any property that you may have some places do this before you got to the infirmary. Then you're issued state clothes. You are stripped searched in a room with whoever else came with you on the bus. You being female are told to lift your breast open your mouth wiggle your tongue turn around squat then issued clothes.
Being stripped search is a way of life in jail so are communal showers and toilets that have no doors. You better check your modesty at the door.

George C
OK, you have watched too many movies and the like. Depending on what you did wrong, and where you are going, depends on what level of security they use.

From the court to the jail/prison, you will be cuffed and leg irons more than likely. That is pretty well standard. Once you arrive, a matron will take you into a private area to insure you have no contraband being smuggled into prison. If you are found with weapons or drugs hidden on your body, you then, in most states, face a felony charge.

You will be given prison clothes to wear, told what the rules and regulations are and as long as you follow them, shouldn't have a problem.

I do relief at the local detention facility, which is minimum security, and we have five female guards and three males on each shift. We don't have a lot of problems but we are vigilant so nothing slips by us.

Good luck.

old fuzz
different jails have different procedures.

So, generally, when you are taken from the court you will be handcuffed, at least. Prisoner transport usually involves a waist chain, which you are 'cuffed to. Leg shackles are a possibility but unless you are particularly dangerous or an escape risk, probably not.

You will be strip searched and probably will undergo a body cavity search as well. This is a humbling experience. Cooperate and get it over with as quickly as possible. The guards don't like this anymore than you. You will be searched by female officers, there will be no men present. First, you will strip to your bra and panties. The officer will then run her fingers or a comb through your head hear, to make sure you are not hiding anything there. Any clips, rollers, bands, etc. in your hair will be confiscated. You will then strip naked. the officer will have you open your mouth and move your tongue around while she looks to make sure you have nothing there. You will be told to raise your arms and your arm pits and side will be looked at. You will be required to lift your breasts, to make sure you are not hiding anything there. If you have any rolls of fat, you will be required to lift or move them to expose anything hidden there. You will be told to turn around and to lift your feet to make sure nothing is taped to soles or hidden between toes. You will then be told to bend over, grasp your butt with both hands and spread the cheeks. The officer will shine a flashlight on your anus to make sure nothng is "tucked away". You will then face front and be told to spread your legs and squat, once in the squat position you will be told to cough hard. Anything hidden there will usually squirt out.

Some jails and prisons do have a standard for hair, you may be required to cut it short. Generally, as a new prisoner, you will not be allowed many personal care products. Anything that might be used as a weapon will be taken. Anything that might be abused, to get high, will be taken.

You are not going to a country club, do what the guards tell you to do. Keep your mouth shut. Do not challenge other inmates, but don't back off of anyone either. You will be briefed by the guards about rules and procedures when you get there. Listen carefully.

Good luck.

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