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will a felony conviction always show up on your record even if you got it reduced to a misdemeanor?
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will a felony conviction always show up on your record even if you got it reduced to a misdemeanor?

ok so i was recently (september) convicted of three charges theft 1 (felony) and 2 counts of theft 2 (misdemeanor) and i was also put under a conditional discharge for cocaine. I was told that with 18 months of successful probation i would be able to petition the court for the theft one felony to be reduced to a misdemeanor and that the cocaine charge would be dismissed so technically i am not even convicted of a drug possesion. So since then i have been doing well and havent commited any crimes since ive been put on probation. I am also 30 weeks pregnant and look forward to starting a new chapter HOWEVER say a couple years down the road if i wanted to be a cop could i? could i be a nurse? my main question is WILL the felony conviction always be on my record even after i get it reduced to a misdemeanor? BTW i am 20 and a sophomore in college. And the crimes were for writing bad checks on my own accounts to multiple stores in the tune of a few thousand dollars. And the theft one is a class C felony! thanks!
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and i was sentenced to 18 months of conditional probation


2008-11-13 02:28:53 +0000
If it was reduced to a misdemeanor, there is no felony conviction. There will be that conviction, and yes it will always be there. That stated, you can wait several years and have the conviction expunged.

2008-11-13 03:02:57 +0000
and i was sentenced to 18 months of conditional probation

If your sentence was more than a year, the charge was NOT reduced to a misdemeanor. By definition, the maximum sentence for a misdemeanor is LESS than a year.

2008-11-13 07:25:05 +0000
If you complete your probation, you will have a felony arrest on your record and a misdemeanor conviction on your record. Its two different things. You can be arrested for Straling a car( Felony) but be charged with embezlement (Misdemeanor) and it wouild be the same issue. As far as getting in a police agency, Too bad, so sad, its not going to happen. Like someone before had said, cocaine is a definite no no for any respectable departhment and no agency would allow someone with a felony arrest be a peace officer. Your felony arrest is only by luck that its not a felony conviction, which would take atway your constitutional right to bear arms (carry a duty weapon) or vote. I would recommend you be a good mom to your unborn child and make sure it doesnt walk the path that you did. Get a good job where you wont worry about your day to day bills. Good Luck.

2008-11-13 01:51:04 +0000
If it is reduced from a Felony to a misdemeanor it is no longer a Felony.

It is a misdemeanor.

2008-11-13 02:03:08 +0000
A Felon, will never be reduced to a Misdemeanor. Sorry to tell you that. Doesn't matter if your in college or not. Your lucky your in America, because in some Countries, you could get be-headed. You should have thought about the crimes before you commited them. When ya do the crime, then ya do the time. Simple as that. Don't blame America for your mistakes. The Law is the Law and just because your in college doesn't mean your any better. The only rain that came down on your parade is the black cloud that you allowed to shower down on you. You rained on your own parade.

2008-11-13 01:49:52 +0000
Yes, it will.
Even misdemeanors stay on police and court records forever. They can be sealed after 10 years in some cases, making them unavailable to potential employees on a CORI check only.
(In cases of public service jobs, like police, nursing or any caregiving job your records will be available to employers on a CORI forever regardless if they were a felony or a misdemeanor and they won't hire you, they can't., especially with the charges that you have listed there) Sorry.
I do commend you on starting your life with a clean slate, I wish you the best of luck, and congrats on the baby.

2008-11-13 01:53:39 +0000
No you could not be a cop, not only because of the felony but because of the cocaine usage. I do not know of ANY department that takes past cocaine users into their department. Now with that said, your Felony charge will be on the backgrounds when the police departments look into your background, plus they ask you for ANY crime that you have committed, guess what you would have to tell them that/those crime(s). Even if you have changed, you aren't going to work anywhere that says "No felony convictions" not too many hospitals take nurses who stole either, sorry. Not many places take people who steal in general, because once a thief always a thief!

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