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will USA and china will ever go on war against each other.?
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will USA and china will ever go on war against each other.?

USA have always fought against communism.. so there is a chance of a conflict ,if chinese keep on rising as a next superpower.


will see

no way. obama and mao tse dong are drinking buddies.

If we didn't fight the Russians during the entire 40 years of the Cold War, then I doubt we fight the Chinese any time soon. It'll probably be more like North Korea.


It all depends on who blinks first.
And the correct terminology is "go to war" , not "go on war".

Very doubtful. Like others have pointed, 90% of products sold here are made in China. It would be a lose-lose situation since 80% of the world relies on Chinese made products.

China also financed the recent bailouts and is financing the sky rocketing deficit. Where would we borrow the money?

Might be a new cold war,an iron curtain if you will.
Mabey the west wont be trading with china in future.

I meant a bamboo curtain.

brad p
no because over 90% of the **** we buy in america is made in china, if we went to war with them they would lose a **** ton of buisness and we would have to pay way more for stuff to be made, its a lose-lose

Jeffyâ„¢ [The Return]

If they do i'll finally get another holiday...

YodyMan in the USA
I doubt it will happen in our lifetime. We're linked economically. I suppose it might happen when China is a very well developed industrial nation, and able to provide abundant food for it's millions. Yet, it may always be mutually beneficial for the US and China to remain friendly toward each other.

not anytime soon

European Women rocks
At the rate at which China is consuming the world resources, it is safe to say that USA will go to war against China because they would be competing for the world resources and it would ulttimately lead to a third world war.

Matt P
no way....we had bad relations with communist russia and **** never happened....we have good relations with china so **** shouldnt happen....but you never know....**** happens

Chewy B
probably.. were so conflicting, and china is DEFINATELY a superpower already.. their economy has ours by the ball, because were in so much debt to them..

if there is a war, and nukes are used, the worlds def over.

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