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Are Four Wheelers Dangerous?
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Are Four Wheelers Dangerous?

Ok, so Im 16, and going to my friends 15th bday party. Its a sleepover/bonfire thing. on the back of the invite, there was a permision slip to ride a four wheeler. i showed it to my mom and asked if i could go, then she looks at the permision slip, and says" do you know how dangerous four wheelers are?" and i was like "mom! im 16! i'll be fine!"... she thinks that four wheelers are dangerous so she asked my dad and he was like "as long as you dont pull on the throdle" whatever that means... so my mom doesnt want me to ride the four wheeler, but my dad just says be careful... do you think that four wheeleres are dangerous?? would you allow me to ride it? if im not able to i'll probably be the only one not allowed... :'( there is going to be adults there watching so yah... theres some supervision

Any wheeled machine can be dangerous if handled improperly. And in the hands of an inexperienced rider these 4x4 ATVs can be very dangerous. But if you have proper adult supervision and instruction you should be fine.

frank lynn
Yes, they are dangerous! I personally know three people who have to undergo surgery to repair broken legs. One of them, who is only 13, may lose her leg.

yes if they are mis used! other wise they are fun! if u know nothing about a 4 wheeler then u shouldt get on it!

what u talkin' bout?
Yes, they are dangerous. I would probably allow you to ride, making sure that there were adults monitoring the fun. I just feel that things happen no matter what we are doing. A person could be walking down the street and be struck by a car. We can't live in fear, or we wouldn't experience anything. But, you must listen to your parents and respect their wishes.

The machine is not dangerous, people on them can be.Can you ride a bicycle or motorcycle? If not , then best stay off them. And when you do get on one, before you even start it learn how to stop the engine and the machine (brake and kill switch). Wear a helmet. Just take it easy and have fun. Sounds like there should be a few people there that will be responsible so go for it.

Charles s
They are light enough to need your body to keep them stable yet heavy enough to cause serious injury if you roll it over and on top you

Fay Lee
um your not 3 anymore if you f*** up its your fault so do w.e u want but be careful

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