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Are airbag fumes harmful?
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Are airbag fumes harmful?

Yesterday I witnessed a small accident near my home. Although there were no injuries, one of the drivers was fairly traumatized and didn't turn off the car. I got in the car to turn it off, and breathed in some of the fumes from the airbag. For the rest of the day my throat was a bit sore and today I have a stomachache.
Does anyone know if breathing in the fumes from a detonated airbag is harmful? I was only in the car for less than ten seconds.

John S
Yes, the fumes are a combination of a talc-like powder used to pack the airbag and the explosives use to inflate the airbag. The fumes are in small amounts compared to all the other fumes that usually accompany a major accident, but these minor accidents that don't break the window glass contain the stuff, and you saw just how much you get when it's contained.
I'm a big opponent of mandatory airbags, mainly because of the loss of control that occurs when the steering wheel bag goes off. I drive a pick-up truck and the two airbags would fill the cab almost completely and make steering impossibly if I were to hit an animal on a country highway. Hitting a cow or deer is bad enough, but loosing control after wards could be fatal.

They probably disperse fairly quickly. The extra protection for your brain & chest probably out weighs any fume risk. Airbags can cause eye injuries too.
If drivers would concentrate 100% of the time 80% of crashes would be avoided.

kev l
go to airbag injury.com

I doubt if it has any long term effects.

Steve C
The small explosive charge is azide powered and normally isn't harmful, but I would be careful smelling too much of it.

How do you know they were from the airbag? It was an accident, the fumes could be from anything.

could be stale air and it trapped gasses.

No. I have been in a few accidents and had the same symptoms but they do go away. It is like a powder.

S it is buddy be careful !!!

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