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You can put air in tires that also have nitrogen in them, as long as you do not overfill the tires. If you actually have tires made out of nitrogen, instead of the usual rubber, polyester, and steel, then you cannot even touch them, because touching solid nitrogen will give you instant frostbite (nitrogen boils at approximately -200 degrees C and is not a solid or liquid at higher temperatures).

Brendan M
sure...why not?

Dan B
Air is 78% nitrogen. So, eventually, the tire will be filled with nitrogen when all of the smaller molecules "leak" out. I feel that the nitrogen filled tire is a scam to charge you excessive amounts of money to fill up your tires. One site said I would save $181 a year (fuel $115, tire wear $61). That's what they SAY. Just because they say that doesn't make it true. Well, if I maintain tire pressure with regular everyday air, that $61 savings on tire wear is moot. Also, if I maintain my tire pressure with regular everyday air, that $115 fuel savings is also moot. Checking tire pressures always causes a tiny amount of the inflation gas to escape into the tire pressure gauge. Over time, you will probably lose more air/nitrogen from checking the pressures than from actual air/nitrogen loss through the tire walls. O2 molecules are slightly smaller than N2, by about .00000000003 meters. Save your money. http://www.bankrate.com/brm/news/car-advice/20070714_driving_dollars_tires_nitrogen_a1.asp

Re the answer that says "you don't need nitrogen killed tires": If nitrogen kills your tires, take them to the emergency room and ask for oxygen. The theory of nitrogen filled tires is that the molecules of nitrogen are bigger and therefore less likely to leak out through microscopic holes. So you have to ask why you need to add air to tires that already have nitrogen. Is it because they're leaking in spite of the nitrogen? In that case they might have a leak, and you should only put the cheapest possible air in them, as any other air would be a bad investment, as all leaky investments are.

Am I pyssing you off-fa-fa
You can, but you will have contaminated the air in the tires to the point where filling with nitrogen again is pointless. Don't worry about it; unless you travel at continuous speeds above 100 MPH you do not need nitrogen killed tires any way. Besides, normal air is 78% Nitrogen.

No such thing as nitrogen tires, but yes, putting air in your tires is all that is needed unless you routinely race your car at high speeds.

I'm not exactly sure what you mean. I believe you are asking if you can put air in tires filled with nitrogen. The answer is YES. Air naturally has in it to begin with. If you fill the tires with normal air the nitrogen will mix with it fine. You will not have any problems. In the future save your money on filling up with nitrogen. Just fill your tires with air. There are hardly any proven benefits from nitrogen in your tires.

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