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Can a dealership sell you a car with bad tires?
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Can a dealership sell you a car with bad tires?

I bought a 2005 Kia Optima,at the time of purchase the car had bad tires,the car has over 85,000 miles and I believe that these tires are the factory tires,I found a book in the dash about them.Is the dealership liable for the tires.The right front tire blew out with me today and they said they couldn't do anything about it,and they didn't know it had bad tires on it.

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Clericaut Finesswell
I agree with the above answer :)

Emily G
car dealers can do whatever the hell they want hate to tell ya

You need to read your contract and what you agreed to at the time of the sale...

you bought a used car which probably was being sold as is. how long ago before the blow out?

mr danger
Personally i would much rather buy a used vehicle with old tires on it because how a tire wears tells me many things about the condition of the vehicle....and new tires tell me nothing

After being used for 85,000 miles, the tires would have so little tread left (probably none) that it would be obvious that they needed replacing. If remaining three tires appear to have at least 3/32" of tread left, then they are probably not the original tires.

2005 kia 85,000 miles. You're lucky only a tire failed. A new set of tires is worth more than the car.

If the dealer is also a state inspection station and they put a new sticker on the car before selling it, you might have a leg to stand on. Otherwise it's on you. I'm sure that car was sold as is where is.

Well they can't sell it if you catch it and notice the tires before you buy the car and tell them. You already bought the car and took it off the lot so they are not liable for anything and they can just say you caused that to happen. Once you take the car off the lot it's your car and you have to deal with all the problems that it has. Next time check the car all around and test drive it and then you will find out about any problems the car may have, don't ever take a car dealers word because all they want is your money. I'm lucky I had my dad there who is a automobile technician and knows everything about cars and how the car is supposed to sound and know how much the car really is so we got $2000 off the dealer price and I love my car. I have a 2000 Honda Prelude that I bought with my dad 2 1/2 years ago and it is my first car.

the dealer is not responsible for tires. Only time they are responsible is when the dealer himself inspected the car. If a dealer send his cars out to be inspected only the place that inspected is responsible then. If you bought the car as is then no one is responsible because you accepted the vehicle that way. If the dealer told you he would replace then then you better have it in writing because unless you do he is under no obligation to put brand new ones on it. Whether the tires are original doe not matter unless they are worn or dry rotted. As far as can a dealer sell you a car with bad tires. The answer is YES if a customer is dumb enough to buy it and not get some type of warranty and not having the car independently inspected before buying.

You wrote, "I bought a 2005 Kia Optima,at the time of purchase the car had bad tires".

I write, "you should have taken this up with the dealer before buying the car".

The most important fact here is that you have failed to let the readers know where you live, as laws in Pakistan vary from the laws in Botswana which are different from the laws in Germany. Do you get where I'm coming from?

Here in the states of Victoria and South Australia, Australia it is ilegal for a dealer to sell an un-roadworthy vehicle unless it is stated prior to the sale that the vehicle is being sold "AS IS" with no warranty. I'm not sure of the laws in the other states and territories of this Wide Brown Land Down Under.

Used cars are typically sold "as is" which means that you take the car and any potential problems, necessary maintenance and repairs that are needed. It is your responsibility to maintain and repair it once you complete the purchase. Many careful buyers will have a used car inspected by their own mechanic before purchasing it. Other people will only buy new cars because they don't want to worry about things like this.

There is probably some state law where you live that requires a dealer to only sell cars with a valid safety inspection. That means the car needs to have passed the inspection within the previous 12 months (or whatever the interval is in your area). The safety inspection includes a minimum tread depth requirement for tires. The tires might have been worn farther after the date of inspection, which is to be expected. If the car did not have a current safety inspection when you bought it, and there was insufficient tread depth, then you might have some recourse for the tires over the inspection issue.

You bought the vehicle as is, and when you drove away, you accepted the condition that the vehicle was in. If you had an issue with the car, why didn't you bring it up before buying it?
The dealership is no longer responsible, as it is now your car. Therefore, it's your problem. Take responsibility for your own property.

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