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Can you mix 2 snow tires and 2 all season tires?
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Can you mix 2 snow tires and 2 all season tires?

Just wondering if you could mix 2 snow tires and 2 all season tires? I have a rear wheel drive and just need these tires for the winter, and in the spring ill be getting rims with performance tires. Would it be a problem at all? I drive a Chrysler 300 touring RWD

Binder D
You could do whatever you wanted. However if you can afford it, having all the same rubber on your vehicle is a must for optimal traction and control.

The All-Season tire tread designs and compounds that are engineered to provide extended mileages and durability under the summer's sun are less effective in winter's freezing temperatures, and through snow and on ice.. Specific winter tires deliver much better snow and ice performance than All-Season tires because their tread designs and tread compounds are engineered to master those conditions, while summer tires are engineered to deliver better handling in the rain and on dry roads.

You should think of this in terms of traction. especially since it is rear wheel drive car. Having all tires the same type gives you 4 patches of equal stopping power. Makes for a safer trip!

say it again
I have done this done this for many years, it works fine on heavy pickups and vans (not sure about small cars) weight is the key, with studded tires on the back as long as its a fairly aggressive lug pattern it works good, the engine over the front tires provides plenty of Weight for steering, And the main thing here is momentum, sometimes getting going is the hard part, and you have to drive like you have no brakes so slow and easy, I don't know what experience Laura has, but she is incorrect it does work fine for heavier vehicles. You can also keep a set of chains this will help if you run into snow a bit deeper than the frame. If you have a light pickup in the rear, you may have to add some weight right in front of the rear tires, I have used those seventy lb bags of sand from the hardware store, (they don't move around much) and then took a shovel and kept piling in the snow until the tires worked good. Snow at first may be light, over the next several days it packs and soften in the day, pulls in moisture and refreezes at night and gets heavier and heavier. So depending on what size pick up or car you have, and some extra Weight if necessary its easily possible to make it so you can at least get around and take care of business.

You wont like the way it handles and neither will the person you hit. 1 end of the car will have far better traction than the other end.

Laura A
No, that is definitely not a good idea. You really should be using all four the same.

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