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Do I have whiplash? Can I claim?
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Do I have whiplash? Can I claim?

Last night when I got a taxi home, some guy threw something at the taxi so the taxi driver got really angry and braked his car so hard i nearly went flying out the window. I've now woke up and my neck is really sore and I have a really sore head. Am I able to claim for this if I have whip lash?

Amy Kloster
These are the most common symptoms of whiplash: * Neck or back pain * Stiffness in neck * Limited movement * Muscle spasm in neck/back * Chronic headaches I would wait for a bit to see if the symptoms get worse. If they do, you may have a case. This is an article on whiplash that may help: http://www.abellawfirm.com/articles/whiplash/ Good luck.

Of course you cannot claim, it was new years ever, you were boozed up and you did not take a taxi. Well, no doubt you did, but proving it might be something else entirely and even if you could prove you got a taxi it would be impossible to prove that the incident ever happened.

I'm not a doctor. Even if I were one, I couldn't diagnose you as having whiplash without seeing you first. Whiplash is caused by either a vehicle being hit from behind, or sudden braking, where your body is held in place by the seat belt but your head snaps forward (or back) beyond the normal range of motion, and then back the other direction beyond the normal range. It sounds like, from your comments about nearly going out the window, that you were not wearing your seat belt. So no, it doesn't sound like whiplash, it sounds more like you hit your head because you were not restrained as you should have been. But you can see a doctor, and see if you get a diagnosis of whiplash, In the event you do, then you can talk to an attorney about the chances of claiming injury with the taxi company and getting compensation. I doubt you would prevail if you tried though, assuming you were not restrained.

what u talkin' bout?
I would say, go see a doctor first. I hardly think so, because there was no accident; therefore no claim. It would be your word against his. No back up! Chances are, you are fine and perhaps blowing something out of nothing.

Timbo is here
Seems you were not wearing a seatbelt for that to happen so you would be deemed at fault and would get nothing

Should have wore your seat belt then.

old know all
Whiplash injuries typically happen when your head is thrown backwards suddenly. Another car running into the back of you may cause whiplash, but it's unlikely to happen through sudden braking. A bad headache could be a symptom of a neck injury, or it could be a symptom of whatever else you were doing last night. If it doesn't go away with rest and rehydration, go and see a doctor - and if he can't help see a chiropractor. You can claim if you have been injured because of someone else's negligence or deliberate action. The person who threw something at the taxi acted deliberately, but I doubt whether you could identify him - and even if you could he probably doesn't have any money. The taxi driver would claim that he made an emergency stop. You could only have been injured if you were not sitting well back in your seat and wearing a seat belt. You can't claim for your own negligence unless you have personal accident insurance.

hi there
well ere you wearing a seatbelt ? if not , it was your fault but if it wasnt your fault , then yes u can

Go & see a doctor first.

No seat belt?

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