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Downhill and uphill parking. Which way do the tires face?
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Downhill and uphill parking. Which way do the tires face?

When you park uphill against a curb, which way should the tires be faced? Same question for going downhill too. Thanks!

Uphill with a curb, point the wheels away from the curb. Downhill, point the wheels toward the curb.

Dan B
Downhill: Turn toward the curb (whether the actual curb is there or not). Uphill WITH a curb: Turn the wheel away from the curb. Then allow the car to roll back and "hang up" on the curb. You must be positioned to within 1 foot of the curb. This prevents the car from rolling into live traffic on the street. Uphill WITHOUT a curb: Turn the wheel toward the "non-existent" curb. This causes the rear of the car to move away from any live traffic on the street.

Monkey B
turn your wheels so they are pointed into the curb downhill and away from the curb if parked uphill (assuming the curb is on your right) ex. if you park facing downhill with the curb on your right, you turn your wheel to the right so that if you transmission fails your car will roll but turn into the curb. since you are close to the curb you wont have enough momentum to actually jump the curb.

Uphill wheels out so u can roll back and be stopped in case of earthquake here in the Bay area..downhill wheels towards curb..same reason..of course a big quakeroo doubt the curbs will help much at all! U can get a parking ticket for not curbing wheels in some 'hoods' !

In America they face to the right down hill and left on an uphill. Your trying to catch the curb with your tires in the event your car begins to roll for some reason. Keep in mind this is opposite in countries where they drive on the wrong side of the road.

James Pierce
Whichever way you swing.

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