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Good reasons why driving age should be lowered?
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Good reasons why driving age should be lowered?

Where I live (Maryland) you get your permit at 15 and 9 months and license at 16 and 6 months, and have a super easy drivers license test. And if your born after december 31st 1995 you are getting your permit at 17 and license at 17 and 9 months. I find this redicoulous even though the law doesn't affect me by 2 months it's still crazy. For people like me who go to college before they even turn 17 and 9 months, I mean really you expect kids to learn how to drive when there most likely in a different state then there parents and DMV. So anyway I 'm trying to do some research right now to try and get it changed to the way it is in most states permit at 15 and 6 months and license at 16 with a much harder driving test so only ready drivers and drive currently our test is parallel parking and parking without hitting the cones and no i am not exagerrating. I've already done research and since the law change to 16 and 6 months there has actually been more teenage driving accidents theory being kids who drive at a younger age are less afraid and more comfortable with it making them better drivers. Also i did the math and changing the license age 6 months younger could give a kid $7,204 if they work over the summer and weekends on about 8 dollars an hour. Which is a full semester tuition at U of MD for in state. Can anyone else think of good reasons? please dont say no its dangerous because clearly from the accident percentages the older they are the the less capable they are at driving because they will have the same amount of experience but also be way less comfortable with it. thanks

Another good reason is because the insurance industry could use the money. Anyone that age with a license has to pay so much for insurance that they are not going to have any of the $7204 left for college.

Cable T
You'll get no support from me. Too many immature kids out there. For every mature level headed kid that wants to drive there are hundreds of kids with their heads up their collective a**es that have no business on the road. Now while you may be okay allowing you to drive sooner means those hundreds would be out there with me too. No thanks. Now beofre you blow me off as just an old man keep in mind I was 16 once too.

nope but i've got a few reasons why the driving age should be raised!

Fall Amy Fly
i live in NJ i get my permit at 16. my provisional at 17. and my license at 18

New Yorker
I can think of good reasons to raise the driving age, but I can't think of any good reasons to lower it.

Nope there aren't any. The roads are already full of too many kids who aren't mature enough to be driving.

There is no reason to lower the driving age and plenty of reasons to raise it. It doesn't matter where you live.

Just because you're smart enough to beat your friends to college doesn't mean you're mature enough to handle a 3,400 pound unguided missile.

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