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How far apart should speed limit signs be posted? Every 200 feet? 500 feet? 1000 feet? Please help.?
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How far apart should speed limit signs be posted? Every 200 feet? 500 feet? 1000 feet? Please help.?

to be funny some places the need one right on top of the other every 5 feet the same speed. seriously now they need to be the same speed at every 500 feet unless you are in a residential area then they should be every 50ft and a ticket maker with radar

it doesnt matter, nobody ever pays them any nevermind these days

Signs are expensive to install and maintain. Most communities could not afford to post speed limit signs even every 1000 ft along every street in town.

Speed limit signs are only required to be posted at the point where the speed limit changes on main highways and Interstates. Some cities do not post signs at all inside city limits, but use one sign at the entrance to the town that states "Speed limits are ______ unless otherwise posted" It's up to the driver to know what the speed limit is on the street where he/she is driving, and to pay attention to any posted changes.

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I my city they are required to be posted just after the intersection of any arterial street (major street) in both directions. Or when the speed limit changes, such as school zones.
This may vary from city to city.

Good question varies city to city , where i live every mile or more and the second sign is a lower speed that the first one then you get a ticket i do not know the correct answer to this question, they should be 200 to 500 feet and well lit at night but they are usually behind a bush or tree and to small to see

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Depends on the type of street you are on. The MUTCD is the book that has all of the signage rules in it for road signage. The rules in the MUTCD are modified from state-to-state so you'll need to check your local traffic laws to be sure.

You can search this manual at: http://search.fhwa.dot.gov/search?q=speed+limit&btnG=Go&ie=&site=fhwa_web&output=xml_no_dtd&client=fhwa_web&lr=&proxystylesheet=fhwa_web&oe=&as_sitesearch=mutcd.fhwa.dot.gov

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