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How often should you change your car tires? Is it after so many kms or does it depend on what they look like?
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How often should you change your car tires? Is it after so many kms or does it depend on what they look like?

There is a wear bar on the tire. If the wear bar is no longer visible, then you need a new tire. There is also called the penny (Lincoln, 1-cent, USA) test. Just put the top of the Lincoln head on the tire. If you can see the Lincoln head (which is exactly 2/32 of an inch), then you need to replace the tire. When you see that there is no groves, or flat rubber surface that resembles a "racing tire", then you have to replace the tires.

Looks, age, type, maintenance. Garage kept? If, you have your car outside all year round the weather will affect your tires by drying them out. You should have your tires balanced and rotated when they are needed. Do you use armor on all your tires, that too will affect the tires by drying them out. Do you have the right type of tires on your car. Are they mixed up with different brands and threads? You should keep them all the same when possible. Do you have an 8, 15 or 20yr old car in great condition rarely driven, very low miles but you never changed your tires? Age of the car is also a huge factor. I'm sure you have seen on the roads like many of us have seen (pieces) of tires everywhere, that's a very dangerous sign. Still not sure what to do? Have them checked out by a tire specialist, get a 2nd opinion when in doubt. Good Luck!

Pretty much by what they look like. They don't wear out until they are worn down. Age and weather will affect them. A tire may have a decent amount of tread remaining, but be no good due to weather checking, cracking etc. Tires that look good should be replaced if over 10 years old.

adam m
tires usly have a mile limit. i would call a tire store and tell them what kind u have and they can tell u about how long they should last

str8 help
Tires have a wear bar built into them . Its a hump of rubber running perpendicular down inside the grooves. If your tire wears to that point its time for sure.

By looking at them. Stick a penny in the tread, If you can see the top of Lincoln's head, replace em. Tires have different life spans so there's no milage rule.

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