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I have the ignition interlock device installed on my car. I failed the breathalyzer test. Help me out, please!
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I have the ignition interlock device installed on my car. I failed the breathalyzer test. Help me out, please!

I have the ignition interlock device installed on my car. I failed the breathalyzer test. I was not drinking at all - not even the night before - and I believe it was due to the consumption of Nyquil cold medicine. That is the only thing with any traces of alcohol in it, except for smoking a cigarette while doing it. I do not think the cigarette would have done anything due to the fact that I have smoked and blew into the device before. What will happen to me now? Do you think they will think I am lying? Is it up to the discretion of my probation officer? I cannot think of anything else that could have caused this. Do you think I will go to jail, lose my car, what? Please help and be serious about this question. I am really worried. This is to some of the people that have already responded. I HAVE DONE RESEARCH AND FOUND MANY SITES AND SCIENTISTS THAT PROVE THAT NYQUIL WILL CAUSE HIGH BAC'S. So please answer if you HAVE DONE research. I would really like intelligent answers, not people trying to be a smartass. On one website I found, a 100 pound woman took a dose of Nyquil and did a breathalyzer. Her BAC was .2 And Ry Ry, you contradict yourself and sound like you have no idea what you're talking about at all. You say "I've never heard of a breathalyzer detecting alcohol in someone who didn't drink". In the tutorial video we get to watch before getting the interlock device, it tells you that mouthwash with alcohol in it can make you fail, being diabetic can make you fail, being exposed to enclosed areas of paint can make you fail, and being on a high protein diet can make you fail. Just a little information for you. So after posting this question, I have had a chance to do some research. I still would like everyone's view on things though. Oh, and a cigarette CAN cause it. That was in the video also saying it can cause you to fail. Although it has never happened to me yet.

You will be called into court after you take your car in for your monthly reading. Depending on the judge, you may face a Revocation of Probation or just receive a stern lecture. Yes they wmay think you're lying, but if your first failure the judge may do as my judge did. She informed me that I had failed a test and informed me that my vehicle was my responsibility, so if I had let someone use it that failed then I would in the future be held responsible and she would revoke my bond. I'm thinking she had heard the "I let a friend borrow my car story and was giving me one chance". I didn't even use that line, I knew I was guilty. I was lucky.

Fred C
So if you watched a tutorial that said a mouthwash or liquid medication with an alcohol component could cause a failure on the interlock, why would you blow into it after taking a medication with alcohol? Or did you watch the video after? At this point, all I can advise is that you need to convince your PO that you weren't drinking.

Get one of your felon buddies to steal you car (They can hotwire anything) and have them abandon it. Report it to the cops as stolen. You get your car back, report it to your probation officer, and he gets your car checked out and repaired, if necessary.

you may loose your drivers license..........obviously this is not your first offense...if it were you wouldn't have the interlock on your car.............it will be hard to convince anyone of your innocence......you should have opted for a blood test.sorry!

Ry Ry
A cigarette would not do it. Alcohol is the only thing that would cause it. If you are an alcoholic you shouldn't even be drinking NyQuil. There is no reason for anyone to drink NyQuil actually. There are plenty of over the counter cold and sleep medications that have 0% alcohol. I'm sorry, but if I were your probation officer I would not believe you one bit. I've never heard of a breathalyzer detecting alcohol in someone who didn't drink.

it sounds like you've been arrested before for DUI. cold meds do not have a high enough level to fail a breathalyzer test. if that were true, sick people would be driving around hitting people. if it gets reported, then explain to your PO. if you've been sober, with a good probation record, then it might be taken into consideration. they might have you repeat the test, by having you drink the same amout of Nyquil again. if it registers, then you could be off the hook. if not, then you're lying to someone. in that case, it's a good thing the car won't start.

The worst that would happen is your car won't start....blow into some ballons when your sober (or before you take cold meds or mouthwash ) and use them to "blow" the car !!!

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