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If you have a choice of what you are going to hit in a crash, hit the object ____________.?
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If you have a choice of what you are going to hit in a crash, hit the object ____________.?

f you have a choice of what you are going to hit in a crash, hit the object ____________.
a.that will transfer the most force
b.that appears to be the sturdiest
c.that will transfer the least force
d.that will cause


A. thereby reducing the force exerted on the vehicle you are in...like a big bush rather than a big tree. The bush transfers (absorbs) the force the big tree resists the force increasing the impact to the vehicle.

sam A
if its my car, then c. If its someone else's, then a.



The checklist........

the object or item with no human inside or near it. Most importantly, cause no injury or death.

then, choose the object that will transfer the least force, or move out of the way easiest. For instance, choosing between a mailbox or a brick wall, go for the mailbox.


I would try and hit the softest option.

Agree with answer A - that will transfer the most force. In a collision the force of the impact must be transferred to the object hit, otherwise the vehicle would absorb it, possible causing injury to the occupant.

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