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What does a solid white line on the road mean?
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What does a solid white line on the road mean?

It is the "edge line"---the line that separates the rightmost travel lane from the shoulder................................…

BLT (coolest initials ever)
white lines divide lanes of traffic going the same direction, solid means no crossing/merging/changing lanes. :]]

mark c
well first thing it doesn't mean not to cross over if it did you would not be able to pull into drive ways parking lots etc. it is there to remind you that it is the right side of the road just a reference to make sure your on the right side and not going to be going to headed head on into traffic If the line is in the middle to divide lanes solid white lines means not safe to pass

It can have two seperate meanings depending on where it is on the road. If it is in between lanes It means you may not cross it or pass another vehicle going the same direction on the other side of it.

If it's on the right side of the road it means it's the right border of the travel lane.

Do not cross over.

THE solid line indicates you cannot cross it for passing or it shows the right border of the road---so you don't drive into a tree or over a cliff. The broken center line is indicating that a pass is legal-IF THE CONDITIONS ARE RIGHT and THAT YOU CAN SAFELY DO IT...no speeding--no oncoming cars--etc.

The Roadrunner had diarrhea?
Solid white line on the right side of the road means it's the right edge of the roadway.
Solid white line between traffic lanes going in the same ( on one way streets for example) means do not change lanes (usually about 50 ft. from an intersection).

John B
It is what it is. And if it wasnt what it is then it would be what it aint...long story short, Yellow mustangs should be driven by qualified drivers!

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