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When do I look over my shoulder while driving? And which shoulder do I look over?
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When do I look over my shoulder while driving? And which shoulder do I look over?

I know you look over your left shoulder when moving into a lane on your left and over your right when moving into one on your right but for everything else I'm completely lost! When you pass streets you have to look down them to check for traffic coming out. Which way do I look when I'm doing when I'm doing a three point turn? My driving instructor told me I had to look over my shoulder more. I'm just confused as to when and which way I'm supposed to look because I felt like I was looking the logical way but then he would tell me I was looking over the wrong shoulder.

robin y
when the car is moving you should be monitoring everything around you, constantly.through the windscreen in front, mirrors, all windows, gauges on your dashboard. When you are manoevering look to where you want to go before you move there, check elsewhere also as you change direction

A 3 point turn has 3 steps, so let's take each step at a time. Before you start; Right signals, right mirror, right blind spot (over the shoulder), move over to the right and stop. Step 1; Check for cars coming facing you, left mirror, left blind spot (over the shoulder), and start the 3 point turn. Step 2; Check for vehicles coming in both directions, not in any mirror, then the back window as you back up. Step 3; Check for vehicles in both directions, not in any mirror, and complete your 3 point turn.

Why hasn't you driving instructor told you what and why he asks you to do specific tasks like: looking over your shoulder at certain times.I've taught 18 children to drive and almost all have got their license first time. the last one a young lady needed more encouragement from me by telling her not to be afraid and that she was driving much better than she thought she was and then she got her license also. Ask him to explain if you require the information that he is not providing freely even if it is a family member and enjoy as driving is supposed to be fun and enjoyable.

jerry j
When driving in traffic, you are constantly gathering and processing information along your way.with the main emphasis of safety,avoiding contact or collisions,etc... In other words,....maybe you should not concern yourself with what seems to be proper to your instructor's approval. I would hope that you, or ANYONE sharing the road with my loved one's would instinctively concern themselves with their own ability to maneuver confidently .to here and there. Seriously, relax and avoiding contact should be your primary mission. Jerry J.

Jan Tronco
When driving on the street, just look at all mirrors for safety. 3 point turn (it's weird. Here in NY we use the term "broken u-turn"), pull over, check both lanes (left shoulder), then turn the wheel all the way left, accelerate, stop, right shoulder and then left shoulder, turn the wheel all the way to the right, (if clear), reverse (but don't forget to look back at what you're backing up), then turn wheel all the way left and accelerate lol

When you are driving along, use all your mirrors. Don't go twisting around, looking over your shoulder. You will run off the road. I don't where your driving instructor gets this crazy idea but you might be better off finding a new driving school. He seems more concerned about looking back , rather than looking ahead

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