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Why do majority of people don't follow the speed limit?
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Why do majority of people don't follow the speed limit?

I'm new to driving, and I follow the speed limit. As I'm on the road, I see other cars going faster than I am. Now I understand how car accidents happen.

because the speed limit is a guideline and a good driver will use their own judgement and go with the flow of traffic without concern or worry about any legal repremands. If you choose to go slower than the traffic, i hope you stay in the right lane and are not too slow as to cause congestion and conflict, otherwise take different routes or consider not driving all together. Laws are guidelines for stupid people that can't make a decision.

People speed for numerous reasons; I'll list a few. 1) Ignorance. By this I mean they simply do not comprehend that a two ton box of steel around them is not sufficient protection in an accident at high speeds. They also do not understand the great amount of power a vehicle has and therefore, abuse it. 2) (I'm assuming you're in the US) People are brainwashed by ads to go fast in cars. You rarely see vehicles doing responsible driving in commercials, they always are taking corners tight, or weaving through traffic. And at the bottom they have their disclaimer in size -2 font. 3) People have this conceived idea that driving fast will get you there faster. Look at like this. If you live 16 miles from where you work (that's a rough average) then drive there at an average of 60 mph, assuming it's all highway from your driveway (of course this is hypothetical). You will get there in 16 minutes. Now let's speed and drive 80. Instead of going a mile a minute, you are now going a mile and a third every minute. You will get there in 12 minutes. Not all that impressive of a difference considering that in those four minutes you: a) Wasted much more fuel than would have been used at 60. b) Risked getting a speeding ticket. c) Most importantly, vastly increased risk of death of yourself or others. 4) Lastly and most importantly, it is a lack of responsibility. It ties into reason 1 but this is the biggest part of the whole thing. People do not take responsibility for anything and assume that because it hasn't happened to them, it won't. I must commend you for not speeding, keep that up. You have a much better chance of accurately reacting at 55 mph than at 90.

Stupidity, immaturity and the lack of understanding the rules of the roads..

Yes they happen when someone is getting in the way of the regular flow of traffic. Almost everyone goes 5 mph over the speed limit. Honestly if traffic engineers have any sense they set the speed limit with that in mind. Where I live if you are going 5 over then you are pretty much staying with the flow of traffic.

Well first off, the safest speed is the speed of surrounding traffic. If everyone is going 65, and you are going 55, you are less safe than everyone else even though you might be doing the speed limit. If you're making lots of people go around you, that's unsafe. To answer your question, people want to get to their destination. The less time they waste driving there, the better. But because driving too fast isn't safe, we ask the police to punish speeders. On local roads speed is usually limited by stop signs and sharp turns, but on highways it's really the police who determine the speed limit. Might be five mph over the limit, might be twenty. The trouble is, it's very easy to fight a speeding ticket if you weren't much over the limit (two words: calibration records). So the police don't bother handing out tickets unless you're well over the limit, and most people end up going as fast as they can without getting ticketed.

Because the majority speed a little over everyday. Tradies, couriers, all trying to get there a little quicker. If the majority all stuck to the speed limit less people would speed because they would really stand up for unmark, mark police cars to be fined. I wouldn't worry about it to much because with the new technology coming out on speed cameras, hidden, smaller in bins, On poles and covert vehicles that look like a tradesman ute. Soon veryone will be get a fine not knowing where they came from.

Some people believe they are above the law, and that speed limits are just suggestions.

Old Man Dirt
Most people are trying to get away with everything they can. The speeding is just one example of how much the average person feels the desire to cheap and get away with it.

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